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A “Radical” Web Site


     How does one introduce a website that will be considered radical by most who read it?  Please note that I said, "CONSIDERED" radical?  In reality this website is not actually or factually radical.  The reason it will be CONSIDERED radical is the fact most religious  [or even political] beliefs, practices and customs [in all religions] are not based on fact but on mere traditions and customs or accepted views of men.  Since this website will challenge these customs, practices and beliefs that are deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of most humans then most reading this will become extremely angry and totally denounce me as being an unbelievable  RADICAL.

     This denunciation will occur because of unmitigated prejudices based, not on fact or truth, but on emotions. All reading this have deeply held beliefs and opinions that have never been proven true or accurate even though most actually think they have. It will be claimed that I am RADICAL because I state that each person should demand absolute proof for all beliefs and practices. Take as an example the teaching by millions of people in all religions that there is a "GOD." Talk about confusion. There is universal confusion on this topic. Most wars throughout human history have been fought over religion. More people have been killed IN THE NAME OF RELIGION than any other reason. Most "Christians" claim the Bible proves God exists. To Muslims the Koran is used to prove the existence of Allah the Muslim "god." Is it really RADICAL of me to state that one must go outside either the Bible or the Koran to prove the existence of either "god?"

     Look at today’s world and you can readily see the fact that at this very moment the Muslims throughout the world are becoming poised to wage a "HOLY WAR" [jihad] against "Christianity." And "Christianity" is poised to wage war against Muslims. What is facing this world today will most likely become the BLOODIEST time this earth has ever experienced. There are many more Muslims than there are "Christians. And the Muslims [ONCE FIRED UP] are more than willing to forfeit their lives for THEIR CAUSE.

     Let us pursue this topic a little more deeply so as to see whether this web site is all that RADICAL. Muslims at this very moment are killing other Muslims by the thousands all in the name of their "god" Allah. In like manner Catholics are killing Protestants and Protestants are killing Catholics in the name of the "Christian god." Is it really RADICAL for me to say that there must be something drastically WRONG with these practices? What do you think "GOD" [IF THERE REALLY IS A GOD] is going to say to Protestants who kill Catholics and to Catholics who kill Protestants? In like manner, how is one sect of Muslims going to answer to the "god" Allah for killing fellow Muslims?

     These are just the beginning questions. Let us evaluate the "Christians" who were brutally murdered in the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001? According to the "Christian" belief, those dead "Christians" went immediately to "HEAVEN" for their reward which is claimed to be that of floating around on a cloud playing on a harp and gazing on he face of God for all eternity. On the other hand, the nineteen Muslim terrorists who murdered all these people allegedly went to "HEAVEN" [or "paradise’] and were given SEVENTY VIRGINS each to satiate their lusts on seemingly for all eternity. Picture this scenario! In one compartment in "HEAVEN" or "PARADISE" you have "Christians" bemusing themselves with a harp and in an adjacent compartment you have Muslims apparently sexing it up with seventy virgins each for all eternity. Where do all these "virgins" come from?  It appears that Muslims believe the woman exists solely for men to satiate their sexual appetite and seemingly they believe that it would take SEVENTY VIRGIN WOMEN for each man to accomplish this in "paradise." Naturally "Christians" are going to claim that their belief is correct and the Muslim belief is all wrong. And the Muslims are going to claim that their belief is the one that is right. How can we know which is right? And is it actually RADICAL of me to pose these questions?

     The forgoing belief held by the Muslims presents a glaring problem on its surface. Muslim terrorists are now recruiting women as suicide bombers. I have yet   to hear the Muslims explain what these women suicide bombers will get as a reward in "paradise." Will they also go to "HEAVEN?" Will they be getting SEVENTY MEN on which to satiate their SEXUAL lusts for all eternity? Maybe the nineteen terrorists that flew planes into targeted buildings in the United States on September 11th killing 3,000 people will use their "seventy virgins" each to engender many more terrorists in "HEAVEN" and when they have amassed a big enough army in "HEAVEN" they can then invade the "Christian" compartment?  Will the wars between Muslims and Muslims and "Christians" against "Christians" and "Christians" against Muslims continue right on throughout all eternity in "paradise?" Again, is it actually RADICAL for me to ask you to give these topics a realistic veracity test?  I will readily admit that it will be considered  very RADICAL for me to ask such LOGICAL questions  and expect you to search for factual and reasonable answers. Who in these scenarios is the RADICAL - - the "Christians" or the Muslims who tenaciously cling to and even die for these beliefs without questioning their veracity or me for asking these questions?

      This web page will be asking and expecting readers to use some common sense in approaching the many subjects we will be presenting. Both Muslims and "Christians" readily admit that their future hinges on their beliefs about the "after life." If this is right then one would think everyone involved would be willing to demand proof that such a reward is actually feasible or factual. We all know we cannot prove dead "Christians" are  now in heaven playing on a harp. Neither can Muslims prove Muslims are in paradise satiating their lusts on seventy virgins each. Is it not going to be shocking to all these people to come up in a resurrection and find they have merely been dead and in their graves for all those years? Will they at that time be willing to use logic and truth as the basis for their beliefs and practices?

     I totally subscribe to a profound principle found in an essay written by Charles Swindoll that summarizes the point very well. It reads: "Attitude is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance,

giftedness or skill.  It will make or break a company. . . a church. . . a home. . . a person.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace that day. We cannot change the past. . . we cannot change the fact people will act a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and this is our attitude.  I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you. . . we are [or should be] in charge of our own attitude!"

     Thus, is it radical for me to challenge all to have AN ATTITUDE THAT DEMANDS PROOF that God actually exists?  What about Allah? Does the Muslim "god" Allah actually exist?  What proof can Muslims produce that their "god" actually does exist? If I m going to "worship" a "god" then I am going to demand proof that He exists and that He is worthy of my worship.  Is it actually "RADICAL" TO DEMAND PROOF on such important subjects?

     And what about Jesus Christ? Did He actually exist? "Christians" worship one they call "Jesus" and even Muslims acknowledge that Jesus existed but only as a prophet and not the Son of God the Savior. Yet, did you know that the basic tenants of "Christianity," and even Muslims to an extent, can be readily seen in the ancient religion called Zorostrianism which was founded sometime between 1400 and 1000 B C.  This religion was founded by a "prophet" named Zoroaster who lived in northern Iran.. The name "Zoroaster" is the Greek equivalent of the Persian name Zarathustra which means "he of the golden light."

     Zorostrianism taught a belief in "one god" [a belief held by "Christians" and Muslims] whose name supposedly was "Ahura Mazda" who created all things. It also taught that devout followers must seek to obey "Ahura Mazda" [their "god"] who will judge everyone at the end of worldly time after their bodies have been resurrected. The very heart of this religion was the belief in a great battle between "good" and "evil." And that the earth is the battleground of this great battle and that each person will be judged on how well he or she fought that battle. Does this not sound quite familiar with both "Christian" and Muslim beliefs? Yet these beliefs PREDATE both "Christian" and Muslim religions. Did the Bible and the Koran copy the beliefs of the Zoroastrianism? What is the actual source of your religious beliefs? Don’t you want to know? Do you even care?

     I challenge each of you to take the time and write down the basic religious beliefs and practices you hold. Then check out the origin of each belief or practice. Are you afraid to do this? If your beliefs are true and accurate then they should withstand ANY TEST.

     Further study reveals further similarities between that ancient religion and "Christianity" and Islam. Could it be that the "golden light" of Zoroastrianism is the same as "Lucifer" ["light bringer"] of the Bible [Isaiah 14:12 – 114]? The Bible does state emphatically that Satan the devil is the "god" of this world (see 2 Corinthians 4:4) and that he has ministers "masquerading as servants of righteousness" (see 2 Corinthians 11:13-15). [since Satan the devil is the "god" of this world that has deceived THE WHOLE EARTH, could he then be the "god" of the many different religions throughout the world that constantly make war against each other?] Are the different religions seen throughout the world mere duplicates of ancient religions but with an up to date twist? Throughout the earth you find primitive peoples who have ancient traditions of "creation" and "the garden of Eden" and the "flood" and other events described in the Bible. Can you know which one of these traditions is true or if ANY

are true? Is it radical for me to challenge you as a person to DEMAND PROOF of what you believe? Elbert Hubbard once said "Religion is the opiate of the people." Why is it that intelligent and knowledgeable people like media mogul Ted Turner vividly expressed his disgust with "Christianity and its hypocrisy?" If you are a "Christian" then what is wrong with DEMANDING PROOF on these issues since the God of the Bible clearly states "PROVE ALL THINGS AND HOLD FAST TO WHAT IT WRIGHT?" (1 Thessalonians 5:21. It is then clear that the God of the Bible wants humans to PROVE ALL THINGS AND THEN HOLD ON TO WHAT IS TRUE! And is it really "Radical" of me to challenge everyone to do this?

     Be advised that this web site will set forth topic after topic and subject each to the same kind of intelligent questioning and scrutiny. You will find that we will touch on topics that will allow you to evaluate your own cherished beliefs, customs and practices - - whether religious or political. And you will be able to determine who is actually RADICAL - - you for holding onto beliefs, practices and customs you cannot prove to be accurate or me for challenging you to demand the proof of these beliefs and practices.

     The foregoing have been only a few examples of the confusion that exists in today’s religious world.  If you pride yourself in being a THINKING person then your mind will demand that you begin checking these points out for their truth or error.


Following are just a few of the subjects we will be challenging and asking that you check out what you believe on these topics.














These and other topics will be addressed as soon as possible