Children of the Prophets


February 2013:  Falling on the Stone

This month the president of the United States presented his state of the union address before a nation that is deeply divided; North Korea tested their third nuclear bomb underground; and Pope Benedict announced his plans to retire from the papacy because of health reasons.  These and many other events around the world are a source of much speculation and not a little anxiety about the course of human history in the immediate future.  The prophet Daniel; however, was given specific revelations that were recorded for our time in these last days.  In the second chapter, the Babylonian king had a dream about a large human figure that illustrated the successive worldly kingdoms that will finally be crushed and ground to powder by the kingdom of the returning Christ and His saints.  He is the Stone cut out without human hands, and it is His church that will resist all efforts to exterminate the faith until they are granted ultimate victory over sin and death.  We are being tested and readied now for the amazing opportunity to restore Godly faith, hope, and love to a shattered earth. 


To the casual observer, the churches of God may seem to be hopelessly fragmented and even resistant to the idea of reconciliation between the varied members of His body, but among a growing number it is evident that this is truly an idea whose time has come.  Jesus predicted the destruction of the “temple” because of the fixation that the remnant of the house of Israel, and even His own disciples, had turned into a kind of idolatry that took the focus off the Lord and turned it toward the works of humans.  They needed to be reminded that God’s spiritual church is a “house of prayer for all nations” that is built on the solid foundation of the Rock, and it will weather the vehement storms crashing against it without collapsing.  From the beginning God’s people have been led and nourished by the Creator named I AM, who then became flesh as Jesus Christ.  Sadly, the parallel between the past and the present remains with regard to the many who have stumbled and fallen in rebellion and unbelief due to the challenging condition they faced.  The prophet Isaiah was inspired to reveal that for many the Messiah would become a “stone of stumbling” and a “rock of offense,” and during His own ministry on the earth, Jesus had numbers of disciples who abandoned Him because the teaching He brought challenged their credulity.   These are all valuable lessons that must not be missed by the heirs of salvation who are spiritually alive at the end of this age!


Both “Jews” and “Gentiles” are being called into the church by faith in the Son of God who always has proved to be a stumbling block to those seeking to enter by their own works in the law.  Those who believe in the salvation works of the Alpha and the Omega, on the other hand, will never be put to shame or disappointed in Christ.  They are the ones who produce the fruits of the kingdom of God as they fall on the Stone and are broken in Godly sorrow leading to genuine repentance, instead of willfully awaiting the falling of the stone to crush them to powder.  This reminds us of the fate of the kingdoms of this world, which are completely destroyed by the coming King of kings and Lord of lords.  We need not worry about the events that are preparing to unfold across the globe as long as we are sustained by the understanding of God’s purpose and plan for all mankind, beginning with the elect who are called and chosen as the first fruits of His spiritual harvest. 


In preparation for the upcoming spring feasts of the LORD, I urge all of His Spirit-led children to allow themselves to be humbled under the mighty hand of their loving Father who desires a ministry of reconciliation and peace.  Those who willingly and gladly  bow their knees to the LORD will be able to boldly participate in the fellowship of the footwashing along with the symbols of His body and blood without fear of eating and drinking judgment on themselves.  For them the “Sun of righteousness” will arise with healing in His wings for His body as the members overcome their stumbling and falling over the Rock, that is being cut out by God without the help of human hands.  Then the beautiful Bride will be ready for her husband and He will come to bring her into the wedding feast.  May God lead and guide each of you in preparing today for the marvelous day of the Father and our Lord!


Personally read and reflect on . . . Daniel 12:1-4; 2:31-45 . . . Luke 6:46-49 . . . John 8:52-59 . . .

I Corinthians 10:1-13 . . . Isaiah 8:11-20 . . . Romans 9:30-33 . . . Matthew 21:42-44 . . .

II Corinthians 7:8-11 . . . I Corinthians 11:17-34 . . . Malachi 3:16-18; 4:1-6 . . . and Psalm 118!


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