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By Bill Glover

 Isn’t it strange that the three major religions claiming to represent "The One and Only True God" [their individual version of "god"] have for hundreds of years believed it was and is their human duty to DEFEND their "god" whom they each claim is ALL POWERFUL?

If "God" is all powerful then why would this "all powerful god" need human protection? The Jews claim to represent the Almighty God set forth in their "Holy Scriptures." The "Christians" claim they serve, represent and worship the "one true God of the Bible." Islam claims to worship and serve Allah as "the one and only true God" whom they claim is Almighty.   It is ironic that Islam recognizes the Jewish "Holy Scriptures," and the prophets and holy men of the Old Testament and also Jesus of the New Testament. The reason Islam recognizes Jesus the Messiah is because He was clearly foretold in the writings of the Jewish "Holy Scriptures."

All three of these well known religions worship and serve a "similar" God and recognize that all three have common origins." Yet for hundreds of years human beings representing all three of these religions have believed it is necessary to protect and defend their individual "god" who is claimed to be all powerful and Supreme and to kill followers of the other religions.

I am reminded of a revealing account of human beings having controversy over "different gods" in the past. This account is found in 1 Kings 18 in the Holy Scriptures which Islam, the Jews and Christians all accept as words of God. In this account the prophet Elijah confronted 450 priests of Baal and 400 priests of Asherah. The 850 priests of Baal and Asherah believed their respective "gods" were indeed "almighty gods." Elijah [the prophet of the "God of the Bible"] stood alone before this throng representing other gods. Elijah stated "If the Lord (that I represent) is God then follow Him but if Baal is "god" follow him (verse 21). Then Elijah issued a challenge. Since he was outnumbered 850 to one the priests of Baal and Asherah thought such would be no contest.

Elijah challenged them to prepare their animal sacrifice and get it ready to be offered as a burnt offering,. These 850 priests set up their offering and called on their god, Baal to show his acceptance and power. But nothing happened even though they spent the entire day calling out to and imploring their god. This spectacle became so weird that Elijah began to taunt and mock these pagan worshippers. Elijah howled "Shout louder! Surely he is god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened." These priests slashed and gashed themselves with spears and swords [self mutilations as is still done today in some religions including some calling themselves "Christian"] thinking such would spur Baal to hear and answer their petition. They became desperate and yet nothing happened since Baal was nothing more than a phony "god" with no power to protect or defend himself or his followers.

Part of the terms of the challenge was that neither side could ignite the fire to burn the offering themselves - - they had to rely on their respective "god" to ignite the fire. Elijah stipulated "You call on the name of your god, but do not light the fire and I will call on the name of the Lord (my God). The god who answers by fire - - He is God!" (verse 24). Elijah wanted it understood clearly that any answer he got from his God was not a fluke. He had his offering saturated with water as well as the altar and the trench around the altar. He had this done three full times so that the animal, the altar and the trench were all drenched with water. [He did not require this of the others]. Then Elijah uttered a simple and rather short prayer to his God. Fire came down from heaven and consumed the animal, the altar and the water in the trench including the stones of the altar.

The point of all this is quite simple. The True God of the Bible does not need to be defended or protected by weak human beings [see our artic. Why then do the Jews, think they must protect and defend their “god?” Why do "Christians" think they must protect and defend their “god?” And why do Muslims find it necessary to defend and protect their “god?” Why can’t these "gods" [if indeed they are "gods"] protect and defend themselves? Why do they need human protection and defense? I personally could never honor or worship a God who is incapable of protecting or defending Himself. But people representing these three religions (and other religions) never stop to ask why humans must protect or defend their god whom they proclaim as all powerful.

Let us now return to these three major religions. All three have done all within their power throughout the centuries to destroy the other religions  and the “gods” they worship. Obviously their gods cannot protect their human followers from attacks by the others. Does it not seem that something is terribly wrong and suspicious here? Is it not very confusing that these supposed "Almighty gods" need the defense and protection of mere human beings? How can one serve a “god” that has no power to protect his followers?

Let me draw a realistic parallel. Suppose three distinct and separate colonies of ants collected a large number of ants in each colony. Once these three colonies of ants were gathered then an ant battlefield was drawn up. Each colony of ants created a fictitious "spiritual leader" whom they called their "god." The ant leaders in each colony convinced the other ants in the colony that they must "defend our honor" and the power of their "all powerful" god by warring against the other two colonies of ants. Each colony of ants would claim that if they won the war against the other colonies then their "master god" would be the One True Supreme Ant Being. The problem with this scenario is that these three imaginary ant gods were not actually gods and were unable to assert the will of their colony of ants on the others except by brute ant force - - not any supposed power of their ant god..

This figurative ant war is an exact analogy of these three religions over the past several centuries. If any one of these "imaginary" ant "gods" was truly a god then why would he be powerless to defend himself and his followers? This analogy is not far fetched since human beings for thousands of years have run around like ants attacking others they perceive as "enemies" and lesser important.


It is truly amazing and interesting that the prophet Muhammad (the founder of Islam) fully acknowledged and recognized the authority of the God recorded in the Holy Scriptures (Old Testament). The Koran constantly refers to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and many others as true servants and followers of God. One quote is as follows: "Abraham was neither Jew nor Christian, He was an upright man, one who submitted to God. He was no idolater. Surely the men who are nearest to Abraham are those who follow Him (God)" [Koran 3:67]. Obviously the main purpose of this statement was to distance Muslims from both Jews and "Christians."

Going further: "People of the book (Jews), why do you deny God’s revelations when you know that they are true?" and "People of the book (Jews) why do you confuse the truth with the false and knowingly hide the truth" [Koran 3:69 – 70]. [Inserted thought: Isn’t it strange that Jesus Christ constantly castigated the Jews with this same indictment? See Matthew 15:8 - 9].

And further from the Koran, "And there are some among them [primarily the Jews] who twist their tongues when quoting the Scriptures, so that you may think it is from the Scriptures, when it is not from the Scriptures. They say ‘This is from God,’ when it is not from God. Thus they knowingly ascribe falsehood to God." [Koran 3:78].

The reality is that the above quote from the Koran indicts all three major religions - - Judaism, "Christianity" and Islam. The Jews cannot justify the majority of their teachings, practices and customs by their own "Holy Scriptures." Neither can "Christians" justify their teachings, customs and practices by The Holy Bible. But neither can Muslims justify most of their teachings, customs and practices through the Koran or other recognized Islamic writings as well as the teachings of Muhammad [as we will see later in this article].

As for "Christians," one need do no more than run across the TV channels on any Sunday morning to readily see a horde of "Christian" clergy proclaiming teachings they cannot justify in the Bible. They are guilty of the claim quoted above from the Koran [see Koran 3:78 again]. These "Christian" preachers begin a sermon with "The Bible says" and then proceed with teachings that are not in the Bible. You have men who are totally ignorant when it comes to the Bible and its true teachings. It is truly amazing how even gullible people can follow and subscribe to such. It is little wonder that intelligent thinking people like media mogul Ted Turner cannot stomach traditional "Christianity."

Then you have the Catholics. But they have given themselves an "out." They claim they do not have to follow the Bible since the pope has taken the place of and preempts Christ and the Bible.

The Jews then are another matter. They are totally without excuse (as even the Koran states) for their total departure from the Scriptures. For example, the Jews "Holy Scriptures" is replete with prophesies about the coming of the Messiah in human form. [Note: Even Muhammad, as recorded in the Koran, referred to the virgin birth of Jesus Christ as predicted and recorded in the Jewish Bible.] We will cover many of these prophesies of Christ’s birth in other articles. But for now we will deal specifically with those prophesies given in the book of Isaiah and Micah in the Jews "Holy Scriptures."

Isaiah 7:14 reads: "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call Him Emanuel." [The word Emanuel means "God with us" - - see marginal reference].

Isaiah 9:6 – 7 reads: "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this."

In Micah 5:2 we find: "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from old, from ancient times."

In Isaiah 53:2 – 12 we read: "He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he took our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed.

"We all like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way. And the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep is silent before her shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth. For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken. He was assigned a grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence nor was any deceit in his mouth."

In Isaiah 52:14 – 15 we find: "Just as there were many who were appalled at him - - his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his form marred beyond human likeness. So he sprinkled many nations and kings will shut their mouths because of him."

These and many other passages from the Jewish "Holy Scriptures" show clearly what happened to the "man" who came on the scene as Jesus the Messiah. The Muslim prophet Muhammad had carefully studied these texts and recognized them as the words of the One True God [as is clearly seen in the Koran]. The Koran states "And of Jesus, son of Mary, who said to the Israelites "I am sent forth to you from God to confirm the Torah already revealed . . .’ yet when he brought them conspicuous signs, they said ‘This is plain sorcery!’" [Koran 61:5 – 6].

Then again: "After them [rabbis and prophets] we (meaning God) sent forth Jesus, son of Mary, confirming the Torah already revealed, and gave him the Gospel, in which there is guidance and light, corresponding with what was revealed before in the Torah: a guide and an admonition to the righteous. Therefore  let those who follow the gospel judge according to what God has revealed therein." [Koran 5:45 – 47].

Yet again "Say: We believe in God and what is revealed to us; in that which was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael, to Isaac and Jacob and the tribes; and in that which their Lord gave Moses and Jesus and the prophets. We discriminate against none of them. To Him we have surrendered ourselves." [Koran 3:84]. Muhammad claimed Muslims are submitted to the God of the Bible.  [But Muslims have rejected this admonition from Mohammad and hate and kill those who claim the God of the Bible.]

At this point let’s view other aspects taught by Muhammad as recorded in the Koran with reference to characters introduced by the Bible. For example: "God bids you rejoice in the birth of John" (the Baptist - - a New Testament prophet). Also, "And the angel said to Mary ‘God bids you rejoice in a word from him. His name is the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary. He shall be noble in this world and in the world to come. . . He will instruct in the Scriptures and in wisdom, in the Torah and in the Gospel. . . I come to confirm the Torah which preceded me and to make lawful some of the things you are forbidden [such as entering into the holiest place in the temple representing the very throne of God] . . . this is the straight path." [Koran 3:50]. [Note: Compare that thought with Matthew 7:14]. Note Muhammad acknowledges the New Testament.  Thus, Mohammad acknowledged Jesus the Christ and admonished that his followers also honor Jesus.

Continuing, "God said ‘Jesus, I am about to claim you back [from the dead] and lift you up to me [ascension to heaven at His resurrection]. . . This revelation, and this admonition we recite to you.  Jesus is like Adam in the sight of God." [Koran 3:59].  [Note: Compare this with1 Corinthians 15:45-49 and verses 22-23].  

Please note that Muhammad is clearly stating and teaching that he believed in and certified the words of Moses, the prophets [of the Holy Scriptures] with reference to Jesus the son of Mary.

The following quote from the Koran is very revealing and significant. It says "God designed this to be but good news for you (Muslims), so that your hearts might be comforted (victory comes only from God, the Mighty, the wise one), and that he (the Muslim god) might cut off the flank of the unbelievers or put them to flight, that they might withdraw utterly defeated. It is no concern of yours (Muslims) [emphasis mine] whether He (the Muslim god) will forgive or punish them. . . He (the Muslim god) pardons whom He will and punishes whom He (the Muslim god) pleases. God is forgiving and merciful," [Koran 3:127-130]. [Note: Please compare that statement with Romans 9:14 – 18]. And, "It may well be that God will put good will  between you and those with whom you hitherto have been at odds. God is mighty. God is forgiving and merciful." [Koran 60:7].  Those are the teachings of Mohammad but not the teachings of Modern Muslims.

Thus the Koran teaches "Leave to me (says the Muslim god) those who deny the truth, those that enjoy the comforts of this life; Bear with them a little while. We (the Muslim god) have in store for them heavy fetters. . . In the day when the earth shall quiver."  [Biblical for “the time of the end.”]

[Koran 73:11 – 12]. [Note: This is clearly stating that vengeance belongs to God and not the people - - see Romans 12:19. Yet Muslims across the world are taking vengeance into their own hands since their "god" is powerless to help them or protect or defend himself]. Muslims have totally deviated from these clear teachings of Muhammad their prophet and, at this very moment, are slaughtering thousands of each other in the name of "Allah" their god. Why?

And, "Let him that will  take the right path to the Lord. Yet you cannot choose  (the right from the wrong) except by the will of God." [Koran 76:30]. [Note: Please compare that with John 6:44 and 65 and Deuteronomy 30:19 – 20]. Even Muhammad states that it is God who determines whom he will convert.

Continuing "Would that you knew what the Day of Judgment is! Would that you know what the Day of Judgment is! It is a day when every soul will stand alone  and God will reign supreme." [Koran 82:19].  Compare that with Revelation 3:10.]

And, " As for the unbelievers, it is the same whether or not you forewarn them; they will not have faith. God (Allah) has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed." [Koran 2:5]. [Note: Compare that with John 12:37 - 40, Romans 11:7 - 10, 2 Corinthians 3:14 - 18 and 4:4). Both Islam and the Bible teach that God has blinded the eyes of the unbelievers so that they cannot understand.]

We need to ask the following question. If God has blinded the eyes of the unbelievers then why do Muslims do all within their power to KILL AND UTTERLY DESTROY those whom they admit God has blinded? The answer is quite simple. Muslims have totally deviated from the teachings of Muhammad their prophet. Islam is claimed to be a RELIGION OF PEACE. In practice it has become a violent religion that could not help but turn people away from its beliefs, practices and customs. How could anyone possibly desire to belong to a fanatical religion that is bent on and totally dedicated to DESTRUCTION? There is no way modern Muslims can honestly claim they get authority for their practices from the Koran. Therefore, it is crystal clear that large segments of Islam totally REPUDIATE the teachings of Muhammad by devoting themselves to extreme violence.  The forefather of the Islamic people is Ishmael - - by their own admission.  Please study Genesis 16:11-12 to see the definition the God of the Bible gives to the descendants of Ishmael.  He compares them to a wild donkey with his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him and will live in hostility toward all his brothers.  Muslims are known for their hatred toward each other.

[NOTE: This web page is now going all over the earth. It is my hope that someone in the Arab world will make a copy of this article and translate it into Arabic and make certain that Osama bin Laden gets a copy. Not that this article would change him since he is totally immersed in and bent on violence, vengeance and destruction. But at least he will have been told that he is not following the teachings of Muhammad [as he claims] no matter how many times he is photographed praying. Pretending to be "religious" does not cut it even in Islam. Muhammad taught plainly that each one must personally practice acts of holiness and righteousness - - NOT DEEDS OF VIOLENCE AND DESTRUCTION.]

I am not saying that every Muslim is a very violent person. However, what I am saying is that those Muslims not practicing violence refuse to stand up and oppose those who are violent. That is the sad part of this story.


To the Jews

Muhammad clearly was extremely well versed in the entire Bible [the Jewish "Holy Scriptures" and the New Testament] as he quoted freely from both. He chided the Jews because they had forsaken the sacred writings of their Scriptures and embraced customs and traditions not supported in the Scriptures. This is the very same quarrel Jesus had with the Jews of his day. They had forsaken the Scriptures and substituted the clear word of God for customs and traditions not supported by God or the Scriptures. They hated Jesus for uncovering their spiritual nakedness. They eventually caused Him to be killed. Their hatred of Jesus was so severe that they went so far as to pronounce a curse on themselves over the death of Jesus. Pilot said "I am not taking the responsibility of this man’s death - - it is your (the Jews) responsibility! And all the people answered, ‘Let His blood be on us and on our children" (See Matthew 27:24 – 25). If you have wondered why the Jews have suffered so much for the past two thousand years you have the answer right there in that passage. They called this curse down on themselves and their children. How sad! ! ! However, as a minister of the Almighty God, I must point out that eventually the Jews will repent of their sins and embrace and accept Jesus as their Messiah and will be forgiven by God and this curse will be removed.

In other follow-up articles I will deal further with the Jews and their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. Let me close this brief section out by stating emphatically that when Christ returns to this earth as Lord of Lord and King of Kings they will be brought to their knees. Their prayers then will be sincere and heart felt and not public "show off"’ productions. God says you must rend your heart and not merely your garments if you expect Him to hear and answer your prayers (see Joel 2:12 – 13, Isaiah 66:2 and Micah 6:8).

To the Muslims

If you actually study the Koran then you are totally without excuse in most of your practices, beliefs and customs today. From the book entitled Islam by Isma’il R. Al Faruqi [Ph.D], we find the following "According to Muhammad, ALL people, regardless of race or degree of wealth, are brothers and sisters and are regarded as equals" (page 17). And on page 7 of the same book we find "The Muslim may NOT submit to any ruler, and much less to any tyrant, because submission is due only to the One Master (their god)." Clearly this teaching by Muhammad is NOT being followed today in any Muslim country since there are many despots ruling Muslim countries today and Muslims are totally subject to those despots and are eager to carry out their dictates for violence. And isn’t it interesting that these radical violent Muslim leaders sit back in the comfort of their secure areas [protected by security guards] and send the people out to do their violence. These Muslim leaders are cowards and cowardly stir up the people to perform their violence.

On page 12 of this book we find "It is God who indeed is the Master, the sole Master. He alone is the judge, and He knows all since nothing escapes His mastery. IT IS NOT IN ANY HUMAN’S POWER to dispense His power. Judgment of an individual’s whole life, or of any of its deeds, is GOD’S PREROGATIVE, NOT THAT OF HUMANS." [NOTE: If Muslims actually believe this then why do they kill ONE ANOTHER as they are doing right now in Iraq and other Muslim countries? The simple answer is that they do not PRACTICE what they PREACH! Clearly Islam is an extremely violent religion and indiscriminate on whom they kill and injure.

Muhammad clearly acknowledged the validity of the Scriptures handed down to the Israelites through Moses and many other prophets including Jesus, son of Mary. Studying the life and background of Muhammad and his writings it is clear he "picked and chose" beliefs and customs that he believed would allow him to begin a new religion. It is clear that the pagan practices around him at the time bothered him greatly. So he obviously devoted himself to a detailed study of the Scriptures. For example he read in the Scriptures that swine was not created as an item of food. By observation he realized the swine has filthy habits and is a scavenger. Thus he adopted the dietary laws set forth by Moses [Muslims are fanatical about eating swine flesh but think nothing of slaughtering each other]. He also copied the idea of there being ONE GOD from Moses. No where in the Koran do you find Muhammad refuting any passage or teaching found in the Holy Scriptures." Yet nowhere in the Koran do you find him instructing his followers to follow the clear teachings of the very Scriptures which he pointed out CAME FROM GOD and that the Jews had deviated from. He honored Moses and the other prophets and showed their instruction came from God but then he dropped it there. You do not find him going through the Torah and showing the people what they should and should not be doing. WHY?

That is why I state that Muslims are without excuse [the same as "Christians" and Jews are without an excuse]. When one goes into a detailed study of the writings of Muhammad’s teachings one readily sees there is absolutely no proof that he received revelations from a "god."  There is absolutely no proof that a "god" by the name of "Allah" exists. Allah is powerless to protect or defend himself and must rely on frail humans to do this. The bottom line is this: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF THAT ALLAH ACTUALLY EXISTS or that he is a "god." Muhammad learned the hard way that Allah was powerless to help or protect him. And modern Muslims are at this moment learning that Allah cannot protect them FROM EACH OTHER or their supposed enemies. This so-called "peaceful religion" has proven to be an extremely violent religion with much worse violence YET TO COME. This world is about to experience religious violence such as no one could possibly imagine. We are seeing the forerunners right now on television news.

Muslim Democracy

The truly sad factor is that the Bush administration was totally IGNORANT when it lied its way into the invasion of Iraq. Bush and his lying staff fooled the American people but the Iraqi people knew that "democracy" was nothing but a smoke screen being used as an excuse to capture the Iraqi oil for American corporations. It has been clearly established that the decision to invade Iraq was made long before 9/11. The attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade center was considered a blessing by Bush and his cohorts. They had been looking for an excuse to invade Iraq and it was handed to them in the form of death and destruction. Also, keep in mind that Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s buddies) was already on the ground in the area and ready to seize control of the Iraqi oil fields when the first bombs fell on Iraq. The only plans the Bush administration had were for the seizure of the oil fields and NOT how to control and stabilize the country once it was captured. Clearly they waded out into this deep swamp and have been trying to find a way out ever since. What is destined to happen is that the United States [the greatest military power on earth] will be CHASED OUT OF IRAQ. You will not have to wait long to see this come to pass.

There is one other point that needs to be considered. This is the Muslim SHARIA LAW. The western world needs to understand what all this troubling news in the Muslim world actually means. In Islam there is a Muslim religious LAW called SHARIA that REQUIRES the enforcement of Muslim law in ALL COUNTRIES WHERE ISLAM IS THE PRINCIPLE RELIGION. In simple terms this means that each Islamic state can legally persecute, torture or murder ANY NON MUSLIM RESIDENT. This means that Muslims are authorized to kill all non Muslims and will go to paradise if they do. How can such a religion be correctly called a "peaceful religion?" Clearly this violates the teachings of Muhammad!

Returning to the theme of Islam, from the book titled Major Themes from the Qur’an by Fazlur Rahman [a widely recognized Islamic scholar], we find "It is clear from the Qur’an that some Meccans [People of Mecca where Muhammad originated and founded Islam], were already desirous OF A NEW RELIGION OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN TYPE. . . This situation was in part the result of the penetration of Judeo-Christian ideas into the Arab milieu." (page 133). The objective then was the establishment of a separate religion that would be Islamic.

"It is certain that some individuals (Arabs) had come to the idea of monotheism and some had actually become Christians. But what the Qur’an points to frequently is the existence of some kind of Messianism, A DESIRE FOR A NEW ARAB PROPHET. . . that the Meccans did NOT want to accept either Jesus or Moses [symbolizing "Christianity" and Judaism] presumably because they wanted TO DO BETTER THAN the other two communities [Christian and Jewish]. . . nevertheless, this much is clear: at least some Meccan Arabs were LOOKING FOR A NEW RELIGION AND A NEW SCRIPTURE which should bestow a certain distinction on them. . . and they were generally disinclined to accept the earlier Scriptures" (Old and New Testament of the Bible) [Page 134]. This shows racial antagonism and jealousy by the Arabs BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE THEIR OWN RELIGION.

Muhammad was extremely well versed in both the Old and the New Testament Bible. He was extremely well versed in Judaism and "Christianity." As pointed out elsewhere in this article, he condemned both the Jews and the "Christians" for abandoning their Scriptures and their faith by introducing pagan doctrines and customs into their religions. Even though Muhammad condemned the Jews and "Christians" for abandoning THEIR ORIGINAL FAITH he and his followers did exactly the same. Islam, as practiced and taught today, is NOT the Islam taught by Muhammad. Thus we find that Muslims "gave up Moses to the Jews and Jesus to the "Christians" as THEIR [Arab] PROPERTIES because of Jewish and "Christian" opposition." [page 133].

The Jews kept the seventh day Sabbath ordained by God. Traditional "Christians" apostatized from the original New Testament church [which kept the seventh day Sabbath] and allowed animosity to develop toward the Jews. To separate themselves from any comparison with the Jews these apostate "Christians" changed the day on which they worshipped to Sunday. This apostate church had already embraced the pagan belief and practice of Easter (Estarte - - the "goddess" of fertility). So these ancient animosities between the Jews, the "Christians" and the Arabs prompted the Arabs to create their own religion designed primarily for Arab peoples. God had nothing to do with the formation of this new Muslim religion. Neither did the God of the Bible create the "Christian" or the Jewish religions - - all three were MAN-MADE. The Muslims, wanting to distance themselves from both the "Christians" and the Jews, decided to pick the sixth day (Friday) as their day of worship. All three religions began WITH A BIBLE BASE but soon were polluted by adopting pagan beliefs and practices so as to placate their followers.

The bottom line then is that Muhammad was an extremely well educated man of that time. He was well versed in what the Bible actually teaches. Being an educated man and being aware of the mood in that country he saw the opportunity to form a new religion which would cater to and honor the Arab people. So he picked and chose certain passages from the Scriptures and used them as a basis to attract followers of his new religion. Then he changed certain teachings found in the Holy Scriptures and also added thoughts and ides that he knew would appeal to Arabs. Thus Islam was born - - NOT from God but from humans seeking recognition.

To the "Christians"

Muhammad taught that "Christians" had deviated from the clear teachings of the Bible. How did he know this? He knew this because he had carefully studied ALL THE SCRIPTURES and had observed and studied the teachings and practices of those claiming to be "Christian" and those who were Jews. He readily saw that traditional "Christianity" has no Scriptural basis for its beliefs, customs and practices. Careful and detailed study will reveal that none of the three popular religions have a SCRIPTURAL basis for their religions. I fully realize that what I am stating is going to infuriate Jews, Muslims and "Christians." These "religious" groups are going to be very angry at me - - NOT BECAUSE I AM WRONG IN WHAT I SAY - - but because I am right and because they are unwilling and unable to admit to the truth or check these matters out for themselves. Therefore I make the following challenge. I challenge those in these religious organizations to take a list of their basic tenants and prove these tenants true.

Let me give you specific examples of what I mean. To the Jews I challenge them to take only the texts from their "Holy Scriptures" about the prophesied birth of the Messiah that I quoted in this article and then justify your rejection of Jesus as that Messiah. To the Muslims I challenge you to take the current practice of extreme violence by followers of Islam and then use the Koran and the other writings of Muhammad to justify that ugly violence. And to the "Christians," I challenge them to take their most "holy" church festival [Christmas] and justify that belief from the Bible. Or show me from the Bible that God would honor celebrating Easter which is the pagan worship of Estarte the "god" of fertility. Or, try and justify the day of worship and its alleged change from the seventh day to the first day of the week. The Catholics get around this "change" by claiming that the pope had the authority to make that change. When Protestants worship on Sunday [the day dedicated to the "sun god" whom the pagans had worshipped for centuries] they are acknowledging the pope’s claim that he had authority to change God’s law to suit himself. HOWEVER, THE Bible clearly states that the Sabbath was MADE FOR MAN (Mark 2:27 – 28) and that it was MADE WHEN MAN WAS MADE (Genesis 2:2-3). It is a SIGN between God and His people (Ezekiel 20:12 and 20). And when the new earth and the new heavens are established (see Revelation 21 and 22) ALL MANKIND WILL COME AND BOW DOWN BEFORE ME AND KEEP THE SABBATH, SAYS THE LORD" (Isaiah 66:22-24). Malachi 3:6 states clearly that GOD DOES NOT CHANGE and neither do His laws.

Thus, clearly the "god" of "Christianity" is definitely NOT the God of the Bible. And the "god" of the Jews is NOT the God set forth in the Holy Scriptures. And, likewise, the "god" of Islam is not a god at all but a false substitute - - a "copy cat" of the Jewish and "Christian" religions.

Why This Article

There is a specific reason the Almighty God of the Bible wants this message spread all around this earth. Mankind at this very moment is facing the bloodiest "HOLY WAR" [Jihad] this earth has ever experienced. There is an UNSTOPPABLE war brewing at this very moment between the Jews, the "Christians" and the Muslims. Millions of human beings are going to be slaughtered in this so-called "HOLY WAR." President Bush’s Middle East policy and practice [primarily his invasion of Iraq] has set this war in motion and no amount of "diplomacy" can possibly stop it. Animosity between the Arabs and the Jews has been festering for thousands of years. The Crusades by the Catholic church has left the entire Middle East extremely bitter. Though there have been thousands of years of animosity between these three religions, the focal point at this stage is Jerusalem. All three religions claim Jerusalem as THEIR HOLY PLACE.  The Jews and the "Christians" have a very small "toehold" in the region but the Arabs have all the surrounding countries under their control. The truth of the matter is that NONE of the three have a right to the "Holy Land."

Let us see what Muhammad said about "The Holy Land" in the following statement from the Koran. "Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people. He said: ‘Remember, my people, the favor which God has bestowed upon you. He has raised up prophets among you, made you kings, and given you that which he has given no other nation. Enter, my people, THE HOLY LAND WHICH GOD HAS ASSIGNED FOR YOU.  Do not turn your back, and thus lose all’" [Koran 5:20]. Muhammad was clearly admitting that the "Holy Land" was given to the people of Moses by God but the Scriptures show that Israel rejected God and He had them removed from that land. Thus the Israelites do not have a right to the "Holy Land" and will not have that right until the Messiah returns to this earth and establishes the Kingdom of God. "Christians" have never had a right to that land and the Arabs have merely occupied it over the centuries.

The good news is that Jesus is returning to this earth as the Messiah and all these bitter animosities between the different peoples of the earth will be dissolved and each will REPENT and be given an inheritance from the TRUE Almighty God.

Fear of America’s military might is the only thing that is presently keeping the lid on this boiling pot in the Middle East and preventing all hell from breaking loose. But Bush keeps spreading America’s military power thinner and thinner and eventually America will not hold the advantage and the United States will be DRIVEN out of the entire Middle East. The Bible foretells a time [in the immediate future] when blood and carnage in Palestine will flow as deep as the horses bridle. We are at this very moment entering this period - - the time of the end.

Therefore, the Almighty God of the Bible [the UNKNOWN GOD - - Acts 17:22 – 28) intends that this message about Him be sent throughout the earth before Christ actually returns. The primary purpose of this Living God Ministry is to REVEAL THIS UNKNOWN GOD TO MANKIND! But we know in advance that this message will be rejected but it still must go out!

Our message is exactly the same as that of Moses, Jesus, Peter, Paul and the other ministers and prophets of God as set forth in the Bible. And, we know in advance that our message will be REJECTED by mankind just like what happened to Jesus and the others. We will be ridiculed and persecuted just like Jesus, Peter, Paul and the others. We expect this as this is what Jesus Himself stated would happen to any who preached His message.

There is a major difference between this Living God Ministry and all other religious organizations - - including traditional "Christianity." We seek NO FOLLOWING AFTER OURSELVES. We will never try to get you to "JOIN" our group. We will never ask you for money to support our work - - [IT IS THE WORK OF GOD AND WE TRUST GOD TO LAY IT ON THE MINDS OF THOSE HE IS CALLING TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO FULFILL HIS COMMISSION OF TAKING THIS MESSAGE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD]. We will never try to tell you what to believe or not to believe; what to practice or not to practice. We will never try and "police" you to see if you are obeying the word. We tell you as plainly as we can that YOUR SALVATION IS YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and that you must personally and individually WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING (see Philippians 2:12 – 13). We even give you discouraging news by quoting John 6:44 which shows that you CANNOT even come to Jesus Christ and be saved UNLESS GOD THE FATHER CALLS YOU! We tell you that these truths are SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED (see 1 Corinthians 2:14). It should be clear that we are not trying to win a popularity contest or amass a following. What you think of us personally will not prevent these things from happening - - AS YOU WILL SOON SEE!

To the "Christian god" and to the “Jewish god" and to the “Muslim god" I say, you are all phonies and powerless to help or assist or defend yourself or your followers. None of you are THE TRUE GOD but fake "gods" masquerading as if you were some kind of legitimate "god" (see 2 Corinthians 11:13-15). And, the "ants" who worship you are fighting and killing each other because they have been duped into believing you are some "god" when you are nothing but a false "god." Since all three of you are powerless to defend or protect yourselves you must rely on humans for your defense. What a pity that you are powerless to defend yourself and must rely on humans! It is truly sad that duped humans cannot and will not see that they have been deceived into following that which is NOT God!

The people in these various religious organizations do not know or recognize the UNKNOWN God of the Bible because they blind their own eyes to the truth so they can pursue their own lusts, customs, beliefs and practices. But the time is coming soon when the ONE TRUE GOD will put down all others claiming to be "gods" (as did Elijah as we saw at the outset of this article) and that God alone will be standing as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


This has been only a relatively brief summary of the events described herein. There is so much more on all of these points about these three large religious organizations that need to be evaluated. Return to this web site regularly and you will find updates on this subject and other pertinent information that will serve you well in the times just ahead of us on this earth. God wants you to know WHY these catastrophic events are occurring on this earth and what you should be doing about them for your own well being. Remember that YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FUTURE are at stake here!

What you will read on this web page will anger and infuriate and hopefully also challenge you. Jesus was killed because His message infuriated the religious people of that day. Paul was killed for the same reason and so was Peter, Stephen and other martyrs. Human nature has not changed over the past two thousand years. People are afraid to check out and verify their religious beliefs because they fear they will be proven wrong. What about you? What kind of spiritual coward are you? Do some checking and find out! I CHALLENGE YOU!

Many of you "Christians," Jews and Muslims will hate me vehemently because you know you cannot afford to accept my challenge and prove your own beliefs. And you know your "god" will not protect you but that you are the one who must protect and defend your "god." And your religion cannot defend you and your beliefs since those beliefs are false. So you are left with an angry dilemma. Most of you will merely wait until these things crash down around you.

My job is now finished where you are concerned. I have now placed these truths before you. My conscious is clear. I have fulfilled my responsibility from God where you are concerned. You have now been exposed to these truths. What you do about them is now BETWEEN YOU AND GOD! But you cannot escape these truths by merely clicking the mouse of your computer or merely discarding this article. However, these truths are real!




A few weeks back when violence in the Muslim world exploded I realized I did not know much about Islam and its history. I went out immediately and bought many books on Islam including a copy of the Koran (Qur’an). The foregoing is only part of the results of my studies.

Other articles must follow this one since there is extreme violence coming in the time just ahead of us which I will need to report. No matter where you live on this earth you will be caught up in this violence and suffer greatly from it. Our job is to merely give you a witness about these events. Some of you will be willing to look at the news as it unfolds and will want to learn more as you will be able to see the dangers we face on this earth. I will not be trying to convince you of anything or any belief or practice. That just is not my job. But, for those who want to learn more, you can contact me and further guidance will be provided. But you must request it. We will never chase after you.

SPIRITUAL HEALING:  We provide special help for those who need assistance in overcoming spiritual hurt caused by religious organizations. All the services we provide are free. We look to God to provide the means by which we can serve His people.