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Did God Hate Esau?

By Bill Glover


[Special Introduction:]

A few weeks ago in our Monroeville, Alabama church services we conducted a "Question and Answer" session rather than a sermon. Though I live in Eugene, Oregon I participated via our telephone conference hookup.

One question posed sparked considerable interest. However, in the discussion that followed we digressed from the original topic into other subjects and therefore never really got to the heart of this question and what God says on this subject. This matter is far too important to leave unanswered. We will in this printed sermon revisit this matter]




The question asked involves the statement found in Malachi 1:3 where God says "I have loved Jacob but Esau I have hated!" This statement conjures up all kinds of questions even about God Himself. The main question asked is about Godís character. If God is a loving and kind God then why would he "hate" certain humans? First and foremost we must remember that the entirety of the Bible is preserved by God for our benefit and learning (1 Corinthians 10:11-13). There are tremendous SPIRITUAL lessons and implications in the account of Esau that we must heed today.


Perhaps the first point we need to understand is that the word translated "hate" in this passage is from the Hebrew word which means "enemy, foe or odious." Thus, we find that God found Esau odious. The dictionary definition of odious is "very displeasing, detestable, abominable, abhorrent or repulsive." In other words God is showing that there was something about Esau that made him detestable, abhorrent and repulsive to God. We need to study the Bible to see what this was that caused God to repudiate Esau and understand the implications for us today since these things were preserved for our learning.


We will at this point study the story of Esau as found in the Bible and as we do we will see there are extremely grave SPIRITUAL implications that are very important to anyone God chooses to deal with in this human flesh. The primary story about Esau is found in Genesis 25:19-34. We must first understand that in ancient times the FIRST BORN was the son who inherited the BIRTHRIGHT - - the one who inherited a double portion and carried on the family name and heritage. Extremely important responsibilities and obligations fell on the firstborn. [That same tradition is carried on today among "royal" families in many nations. The FUTURE OF THE FAMILY is placed on this firstborn.]


In the case of Esau, there was a twin brother involved - - Jacob. Since Esau was the first to be born, he was automatically the FIRST BORN and the BIRTHRIGHT HOLDER with the responsibilities of family name, honor and future. This is where the grave spiritual implications come into play. Remember this important point as we proceed. As the last verse of Genesis 25 states "ESAU DESPISED HIS


BIRTHRIGHT!" This means he totally disregarded his birthright as meaningless and treated it with contempt and had no interest in the responsibilities that were his and his alone. We will see the spiritual implications FOR US TODAY later in this article.

Keep in mind that AT THE TIME these specific events took place ESAU AND JACOB WERE FULLY GROWN AND MATURE and KNEW what was involved. This account is found in Genesis 25:29-34. Here we find a very short account of events which had profound consequences for both brothers. It is obvious that Esau had absolutely no real interest or respect for HIS GOD GIVEN RIGHT BY BIRTH and what that meant not only to him personally but to his heirs. He placed much more value on a small bowl of "stew" than he did on his life and his future and the future of his heirs.


We must remember that it was God Himself who gave Esau his RIGHT OF BIRTH. It was God who would have blessed him with all the blessings promised to the birthright holder. Thus, it is clear that Esau had an obnoxious disdain for his birthright BUT ALSO HAD DISDAIN FOR THE GOD WHO WOULD HONOR THAT BIRTHRIGHT.


There is no way Esau could have grown into manhood without learning and fully knowing about the right due him because he was the firstborn since that was the CULTURE of the time. Thus, it is clear that despite knowing this he still placed no real value on this right of birth.


At this point we need to go to the New Testament to pick up a key point. In Galatians 3:8 we find that God announced the gospel (of the Kingdom of God) to Abraham. As verse 6 states, Abraham BELIEVED GOD. In Hebrews 4:6 we find that THE GOSPEL WAS PREACHED TO PEOPLE DURING OLD TESTAMENT TIMES (see Acts 10:37). There was general knowledge of Godís plan during Old Testament times.


In Acts 10:34 we find that God is no respecter of persons (shows no favoritism). That He is not willing that any perish but that all come to repentance (see also 2 Peter 3:9). Throughout the Bible we find that God always gave people the chance to repent and change their ways before He pronounced judgment on them. Even in the case of Adam and Eve in the Garden, we find that God clearly explained to them what they could and could not do. Yet they still chose to disregard His instructions. And in the case of their son, Cain, we find that God Himself preached a sermon to Cain [BEFORE HE MURDERED ABEL] telling him he needed to make some right choices. But Cain chose to disregard Godís instructions.


Thus, from a careful study of the Bible we find that Esau was NOT ignorant of the true value of his birthright. Paul picks up the story as found in Hebrews 12:16-17. Here we find Paul calling Esau a "profane person" (KJV) or ["godless" as found in the NIV]. God would not have called Esau "godless" or "profane" if Esau had been ignorant of the consequences of his actions. But, as verse 17 states, "Afterward when he wanted to inherit this blessing [his selfishness took over] he was rejected. He could bring about no change of mind (in God) though he sought it with tears." In Genesis 25:34 we find God revealing that "ESAU DESPISED HIS BIRTHRIGHT." God Himself states that Esau was a PROFANE person (Hebrews 12:16). In other words, Esau clearly stripped HIMSELF of the birthright promises but then became extremely angry that his brother Jacob cherished that birthright enough to literally WRESTLE GOD FOR IT ( see Genesis 32:22-32). The point of this SPIRITUAL WRESTLING MATCH between Jacob and the God of the Old Testament was to TEST JACOB AND DETERMINE IF HE TRULY UNDERSTOOD THE VALUE OF THIS BIRTHRIGHT. Not that he "EARNED" this birthright blessing but he had to DEMONSTRATE TO GOD that he VALUED what was involved. That he would FIGHT for it! Not in a hateful and vindictive way but in a DETERMINED way!







This is where the extremely serious consequences come into play FOR US TODAY. Esau clearly did not appreciate the true value of what God held out to him. He was willing to trade tremendous blessings from the Almighty Creator God for a mere morsel of food. It is absolutely imperative that we all recognize and remember at all times that the Almighty Creator God is working out a divine purpose on this earth THROUGH HUMAN BEINGS. Though literally billions of humans have been born, God, throughout the ages, selects only a few DURING THIS PRESENT LIFETIME, to reveal Himself and His plan to. ONLY those whom God the Father selects and calls CAN COME TO CHRIST AND SALVATION DURING THIS PRESENT LIFETIME (See John 6:44). Those called during this age become candidates to be Godís FIRSTBORN into His kingdom. The importance of this high calling literally defies human imagination or understanding. Even the angels desire to understand what God is doing with and through human beings (see 1 Peter 1:12). None of us who receive this calling should take this calling lightly. God will show us very little mercy (as with Esau) if we disregard or treat with disrespect this high calling. We must be willing to give up everything for this "pearl of great price."


Some of you reading this sermon may fall into the same category with Esau who did not grasp what God was holding out to him. You may allow what you consider are your physical "needs" to crowd out the VALUE of your chance to be among the FIRSTBORN of Godís kingdom. Christ did state emphatically that there would be MANY who would claim to be His people but whom He will reject when He returns to earth because they refused to COMPLETE THEIR CALLING BY GOING ON TO SPIRITUAL MATURITY (see Matthew 7:13-23 and Hebrews 6:1). In Matthew 22:8 we find Christ saying that "those I invited (to my wedding) DID NOT DESERVE TO COME." And as verses 11-12 show, those who have not put on Godís wedding garments [CLOTHED THEMSELVES WITH THE VERY CHARACTER OF GOD] will be cast out - - REJECTED AS WAS ESAU! Each of us can fall from this calling if we refuse to keep on fire for God and His kingdom. If we refuse or neglect to search our innermost being by constantly looking into that mirror of Godís word daily.


On the other hand, IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE ONE OF THOSE THE FATHER HAS CALLED AND CHOSEN, then you had better grasp and cherish the opportunity God is holding out to you. If you are one of those called and chosen by the Father then you are being given the opportunity to be among GODíS FIRST FRUITS. You are being given the chance to be A LITERAL SON OF GOD, AN HEIR OF GOD AND A JOINT HEIR WITH CHRIST (see Romans 8:16-17). Once we fully grasp the meaning of this we can see why those martyrs mentioned in Hebrews 11 were so willing and able to give their human lives in exchange for this opportunity of being GODíS FIRSTBORN. [I have an article on "Your Importance To God" which is available to all who request it]




We need to understand what it is to be Godís FIRSTBORN. A GOOD TEXT TO BEGIN THIS STUDY IS FOUND IN James 1:17-18. Here God says to us: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. HE CHOSE TO GIVE US BIRTH [as a firstborn] THROUGH THE WORD OF TRUTH THAT WE MIGHT BE A KIND OF FIRSTFRUITS OF ALL HE CREATED." - Thus it is clear that those of us called during this age are considered His FIRSTFRUITS by God Himself because that is what we are!


This is referring to the true Christian calling. As James says in verse 12, "blessed is the person who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has

promised to those who love Him." And what about verse 2 which reads: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because YOU KNOW that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work (in us) so you may be (spiritually) mature and COMPLETE, not lacking anything." Keep in mind that it is God doing this and that we are His

workmanship. And that since He is the master potter He can use whatever means He chooses to carry out His plan. But we can be absolutely sure that He will be totally fair and impartial to every human being born even if He chooses to blind some and make them vessels of dishonor for a little while. But in the end He will make it right with all.


This passage goes on to say that if we lack or need anything we are to ask God for it IN FAITH WITHOUT WAVERING. Now go back and read again verses 16-18. Keep in mind that God is showing those of us who are His chosen FIRSTBORN that He EXPECTS us to fulfill the responsibilities He has given to His firstborn. If we expect to keep our firstborn position we must get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent in the world (vs. 21). We are not to merely "listen to" or "read over" the words of God and thus deceive ourselves. We are to DO WHAT IT SAYS! (vs. 22). As verses 23-25 state, we must be willing to continually look into the mirror of Godís word and then DO what we find written there. Otherwise we deceive ourselves.


This written sermon is designed specifically for those whom God the Father has called and chosen as His FIRSTFRUITS - - THOSE TO BE BORN "FIRST" INTO HIS FAMILY. If you have been called - - if your mind has been enlightened - - if God has enabled you to TASTE of His heavenly gifts and the goodness of the Word of God (Jesus Christ) and tasted of the "world to come" you must now choose whether to follow Jacobís example of FIGHTING FOR YOUR BIRTHRIGHT or "selling it" for your human weaknesses.


What is your human weakness that you are currently contemplating trading for your birthright? Which of your human flaws is trying to take away your spiritual birthright given to you by God? [I was present when a powerful church leader asked his son, an evangelist, (who had been sexually seducing young women in the church) if he was going to trade his salvation "for a little piece of flesh" - - This is the type of serious question we each need to ask ourselves every day. What "piece of flesh" [human weakness or trait] will tempt you to trade off the salvation God holds out to you?].


Let us now return to Esau and his repudiating his status as firstborn. Obviously Esau was caught up in his own human pursuits. He looked the part of a "firstborn." He had the appearance of a real "MANíS MAN!" Humanly he was big and strong and even hairy - - very masculine. Yet, it is what is INSIDE the person that counts with God. We could easily draw a parallel between Saul and David. Saul was also a "MANíS MAN" in OUTWARD APPEARANCE. David was the opposite but primarily David had a humble and contrite spirit that trembled at Godís word. Even though David made some serious mistakes he completely repented of these and never uttered a single human excuse or justification.




We have not yet totally covered the story of Esau and Godís treatment of him. We have now seen only one point of this story of Esau and Jacob. There is still at least one other point we must consider. The apostle Paul recounts this portion of the story quite well in Romans 9. In verse 10 we find "But Rebekahís children (Jacob and Esau) had one and the same father, our father Isaac. Yet BEFORE THE TWINS WERE BORN OR HAD DONE ANYTHING GOOD OR BAD - - IN ORDER THAT GODíS PURPOSE IN ELECTION [SELECTION] MIGHT STAND: NOT BY WORKS BUT BY HIM WHO CALLS - - she was told. The older will serve the younger." Then Paul quotes Malachi 1:3 "Jacob I loved but Esau I hated."

This passage clearly states that Esau had done nothing of and by himself to cause God to make this choice since he was still an unborn child in his motherís womb. God made this choice concerning the twins "IN ORDER THAT GODíS PURPOSE IN ELECTION [Godís calling and choosing whom He wants to be among His firstfruits] MIGHT STAND." (See verse 11). This decision was made NOT ACCORDING TO WORKS OR DEEDS [since these babies were not yet born and incapable of sinning or displeasing God]


BUT BY HIM [God] WHO CALLS [chooses].


Paul then asked and answered the question we all must have. That question is "What shall we say? Is God UNJUST (OR UNFAIR)? "Not at all" is Paulís answer. Then Paul proceeds to quote Godís own words as found in Exodus 33:19 where God says, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion." Then as verse 16 says, "It does not depend on manís desire or effort, but ON GODíS MERCY."


Paul then explains that the Pharaoh of Egypt fit this category. God stated of Pharaoh: "I raised you up for this very purpose, THAT I MIGHT DISPLAY MY POWER IN YOU AND THAT MY NAME MIGHT BE PROCLAIMED IN ALL THE EARTH. Therefore, God has mercy on whom He wants to have mercy, and He hardens whom He wants to harden" (vs. l7 -18).


Paul then deals with a natural "human" question we most likely would ask: "One of you will say to me, Then why does God still blame us? For who [among humans] can resist His will?" The answer is God knows what He is doing and why!


The next few verses are even more profound than what we have already seen. Verse 21 sets the stage by pointing out clearly "Does not the Potter [God] have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes [like a beautiful drinking fountain] and some [of the same clay] for common use (like a commode]." One vessel is for providing the life giving and sustaining substance of water and the other vessel is for waste.


Let us now see the profound meaning of all this. Verse 22 says "WHAT IF God, CHOOSING to show His wrath (toward disobedience and disrespect) and (so as) to make HIS POWER KNOWN, bore with GREAT PATIENCE the objects of His wrath - - prepared for destruction? WHAT IF He did this to make the RICHES OF HIS GLORY KNOWN TO THE OBJECTS OF HIS MERCY WHOM HE PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR GLORY - - EVEN US [His chosen few], WHOM He also CALLED from the Jews BUT ALSO FROM THE GENTILES?" Thus each one of you who actually understands what this is saying will realize that your calling and selection is for the ultimate glory of God [not a badge for you] as He carries out His plan for human beings. Paul further explains in Romans 11 that EVENTUALLY all Israel and all gentiles will be saved. But elsewhere in the Bible we find there are time sequences as to when and how this will be accomplished.


Paul is clearly showing in this capsuled account in the 9th chapter of Romans that the Almighty Creator God - - THE MASTER POTTER - - is diligently working out His PREORDAINED purpose and plan. God created humans IN HIS OWN IMAGE [except with a temporary fleshly existence] but such that humans could be trained to become His literal SPIRIT COMPOSED SONS in His family. We humans were preordained to become SONS OF GOD, HEIRS OF GOD AND JOINT HEIRS WITH JESUS CHRIST (see Romans 8:16 Ė 17). And, as Paul just pointed out in Romans 9:24, this includes humans from all nationalities. God shows that He is not willing that any of His created humans perish but that all come to repentance and forgiveness. But, to show that He is the Master Potter and Creator He has chosen to make some vessels of dishonor and others vessels of honor BUT ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE SO




As Paul further explained in Romans 9:16, the purpose God has already determined for each one of us is NOT DEPENDANT ON ANYTHING WE PERSONALLY DESIRE OR ANY HUMAN EFFORT ON

OUR PART. "For it is by grace you [THE TRUE CHOSEN FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST] have been saved THROUGH FAITH - - and this faith is NOT from yourselves, it [the faith] is the gift of God - - NOT OF WORKS SO THAT NO MAN CAN BOAST. For we are GODíS WORKMANSHIP,

CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS TO DO GOOD WORKS, which God PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US TO DO!" (Ephesians 2:8-10). As we find in 1 Peter 1:20 God preordained Christ as the Savior of humans BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FORMED.


We must at this point consider what God reveals to us in John 9:1-4. Here we find that a fully grown man, who had been BORN BLIND, was brought to Jesus. The disciples asked, "Who sinned - - this man or his parents - - that he was born blind?" (vs. 2). Jesus quickly set them straight. Like most humans, the disciples thought that this tragic event occurred because somebody had sinned. Jesus stated emphatically, "Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents, BUT THAT THE WORKS OF GOD SHOULD BE MANIFEST IN HIM."


Clearly God had been responsible for this person having been born blind. This person and his parents had to endure this serious human problem of blindness for years so that God could glorify His works by healing through Jesus. We must keep in mind that God is concerned with THE END RESULTS and not any temporary "inconvenience" we humans may encounter. We could easily say that this blind man was initially made a "vessel of dishonor" (suffered blindness for years) and then he was transformed into a "vessel of honor" through healing so as to GLORIFY GOD and show that He is the Master Potter.

In my fifty plus years working with Godís people, I have seen that many with physical challenges of sickness, diseases or infirmities actually believe that God is unfair in allowing these problems even though most find it hard to admit to such an attitude. Too many become obsessed with getting the affliction removed. That is because they do not see God working in their lives and HOW HE OFTEN WORKS THROUGH THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. I have found that many become offended when I so much as suggest that God is using these infirmities to refine our character - - BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE CLEARLY TEACHES! Too many people feel these afflictions REFLECT ON THEM PERSONALLY and thus find it difficult to see God in the picture. They truly believe they are sincere and conscientious so they find it difficult to understand why God prolongs their suffering.


If you happen to be one of those who have suffered afflictions for a long time, keep this blind man in mind and what Jesus said about his blindness. This was done by God so that the power of God could be manifest. In many cases where I tried to encourage people to keep their eyes on God and the fact that He is working in our lives to accomplish His will, some have actually told me, "You do not understand - - how could you? - - you are not the one with this affliction!" The sad thing is that I cannot help someone in that attitude - - NEITHER CAN GOD! God will only help those who have a contrite heart and attitude and who tremble at His word (Isaiah 66:2). Many find it difficult to "FORGIVE GOD" for allowing such infirmities so that He could demonstrate His power and His will in our lives. This is the same as the thing formed DEMANDING OF HIS MAKER, "WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME THIS WAY?" In other words, too many people concentrate only on the IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL CIRCUMSTANCES and not on the ULTIMATE GOAL GOD HAS IN MIND.

Let me state emphatically that so long as anyone harbors resentment that God either allowed these circumstances or that He has not chosen to relieve them at this time, such a person is not going to receive Godís healing or relief from the problem. Had the blind man harbored resentment over his blindness then

Christ would not have used him to show His power and glory. The Bible teaches clearly that God looks

on the heart and that our attitude is of paramount importance to God. Many that I have worked with over the years feel they are "justified" in having their attitude about their plight. They tell me that I do not - - and cannot - - understand how they feel. They cannot bring themselves to believe that it is possible that I personally have suffered every bit as much as they have only under different circumstances. God uses

different trials for different people. HE KNOWS WHICH TRIAL WILL BE BEST FOR EACH OF US! The fact that we are "bothered" by these trials proves that we are spiritually deficient and need such to test our spiritual metal.


Literal books could be written on this subject of HOW, WHY AND WHEN we individually are CALLED AND CHOSEN by God the Father ( John 6:44). God has FOREKNOWN us individually and predestined that we be conformed to the image of His son, Jesus Christ and those He PREDESTINED, He also CALLED; those He CALLED, He also JUSTIFIED [reconciled to Himself], those He justified He also GLORIFIED (Romans 8:29-30). "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, WHO HAVE BEEN CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE." (verse 28).


"For you see your CALLING (John 6:44) brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are CALLED" (1 Corinthians 1:26). Paul goes on to explain that God purposefully CHOOSES humans who are regarded as weak and lesser than most others for His glorious purpose to confound the wise and prudent of this world. But He also chooses this type person "SO THAT NO FLESH CAN GLORY IN HIS PRESENCE"(vs. 29) and so that we can only glory in God who is working out this glorious purpose (vs. 31).


Jesus Christ stated very clearly that "He (God the Father) has BLINDED their eyes (most of humanity) and hardened their hearts (as He did the Pharaoh of Egypt), SO THEY CAN NEITHER SEE WITH THEIR EYES, NOR UNDERSTAND WITH THEIR HEARTS, NOR TURN AND I WOULD HEAL THEM" (John 12:38-40). Study also Romans 11:7; 2 Corinthians 3:14 and 2 Corinthians 4:4.


Let us now return to the SERIOUS SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS of all this that I mentioned at the outset. The Almighty Creator God is working out a tremendous purpose on this earth through human beings who have been created in his image and likeness but, at first, only made from clay. But before this earth was founded He predetermined this plan of increasing His family through His human creation. But He is doing this THROUGH STAGES - - NOT ALL AT ONCE! [If you need further information on this subject then request our material that shows that NOW IS NOT THE ONLY DAY OF SALVATION].


Out of the billions of humans who have been born in this flesh God selects ONLY A FEW. The rest He blinds spiritually and keeps them in blindness UNTIL HE HAS PREPARED THIS EARTH FOR THE TIME WHEN ALL WILL BE GIVEN THAT CHANCE FOR SALVATION. In other words, in His own infinite wisdom God has determined, decreed and ordained that He [as MASTER POTTER[ will make certain human vessels into what we might call "beautiful life giving water fountains," But others He has determined to make into more mundane "pots" such as commodes. Shall the thing formed demand of the life giving and sustaining Creator "Why have you made me such?" [Remember that our present "form" is only temporary]. NO! Because we humans actually and literally have NO choice in the matter. We did not choose to be born in the first place. We did not choose to be born AS WE ARE. We did not choose whether we were to be Godís vessel of honor [a beautiful drinking fountain] or a vessel of dishonor [a commode]. We do not choose WHEN God will choose to call us into His family. And neither do we choose whether or not God will blind us spiritually and keep us blinded until it is His time to offer us salvation. These are all choices that God the Father RESERVES for Himself (John 6:44). The only choice God leaves to us is WHETHER we will respond to Godís calling when He does give it. But be sure of one thing. If you are one God has called and chosen during this age you dare not disdain that calling as did


Esau. There will be very dire consequences.


We must recognize and acknowledge that we only have a very temporary existence in this PRESENT life form - - in the flesh. [If you need further information on this subject then request our material on THE DIFFERENT RESURRECTIONS.] Since we only have this temporary existence then we had better make certain that we respond to God WHEN He begins to deal with us. If God has called you then there is a

specific reason He selected you and you dare not neglect this calling.




If you are among the PRIVILEGED FEW whom God the Father has called (John 6:44), then you had better GRASP what God is holding out to you. You dare not treat it lightly AS DID ESAU! If God has called and chosen you then you are A BIRTHRIGHT HOLDER and destined to be among GODíS FIRSTFRUITS. Your calling literally defies human imagination. You are PREDESTINED to be a LITERAL SON OF GOD, AND HEIR OF GOD AND A JOINT HEIR WITH CHRIST! You are destined to assist Jesus Christ in ruling this earth for the millennium and bringing PEACE, happiness and prosperity to the humans alive at that time. Then you will be used by God as He brings up in a resurrection all the billions of humans who have been born throughout the ages. You will be there along the side of Jesus Christ bringing salvation to the masses. You will be among the FIRST RESURRECTION - - which is the better resurrection! You will have been privileged to help Jesus Christ bring this entire world into subjection to God and prepare it for the time when the throne of God descends to this earth (Revelation 21 and 22). You are DESTINED to be HIGHER than the angels and be used to judge them (1 Corinthians 6:1-3) as well as help God judge the world (same text).


What we have just reviewed is ELEVEN HUNDRED YEARS OF WORKING SIDE BY SIDE WITH JESUS CHRIST IN BRINGING SALVATION TO ALL HUMANS WHO HAVE EVER BEEN BORN. But THAT IS MERELY THE BEGINNING OF YOUR ETERNAL LIFE AS A MEMBER OF THE VERY FAMILY OF GOD. God will not take it lightly if you NEGLECT this high calling and selection. What do you think it will be like when God demands to know why you did NOT produce spiritually once He gave you His talents (calling) [see Luke 19:20-24]. There will be a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth when this day of judgment occurs.


Now if God has chosen you AT THIS TIME then it is imperative that you realize He does NOT change His mind (see Romans 11:29). The NIV translation renders this verse more correctly in that "Godís gifts and CALL are irrevocable!" God EXPECTS you to KNOW what this calling from His is all about SINCE HE HAS CLEARLY REVEALED IT IN HIS WORD - - as recounted in this article! That there is nothing in this human existence WORTHY TO COMPARE WITH THE GLORY THAT WILL BE REVEALED IN AND THROUGH US (see Romans 8:18). He also EXPECTS you to TOTALLY HUMBLE AND SUBMIT YOURSELF TO HIM and tremble at the prospect of going contrary to his word (see Isaiah 66:2). He EXPECTS you to recognize and realize that this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME CALLING FROM YOUR MAKER and that you should treat it as such! He EXPECTS YOU TO FOLLOW THROUGH in this calling with the FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (see Galatians 5:22-26) by OVERCOMING THE WORKS OF THE FLESH (Galatians 5:16-21). God EXPECTS you to "CONTINUE TO WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING" (Philippians 2:12). God EXPECTS you to realize that THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY CHANCE FOR SALVATION! That if you repudiate it (as Esau did his birthright) then you CANNOT regain that calling even if you seek it with tears, as did Esau.


If you are one of those God the Father has chosen (John 6:44 again), you will be able to THROW ASIDE EVERY HUMAN WEIGHT OR OBSTACLE THAT CAN SO EASILY SIDETRACK US (see Hebrews 12:1-3).


If you are one of those called by the Father then you will recognize the words of this article as coming from God Himself and you will throw yourself on Godís mercy asking Him to forgive your past spiritual lethargy and then plunge into a deep and detailed study of all the scriptures contained in this article. What





You should pay very careful attention to the following scripture. "To those [the called and the chosen ones] who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours [our calling is tremendously precious to God]: Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ." His divine power HAS GIVEN US EVERYTHING WE NEED FOR LIFE AND GODLINESS THROUGH OUR KNOWLEDGE OF HIM WHO CALLED US by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His great and precious promises, so that through them YOU MAY PARTICIPATE IN THE DIVINE NATURE [of God] and ESCAPE the corruption in the world caused by EVIL [human] DESIRES. For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith GOODNESS; and to goodness KNOWLEDGE, and to knowledge SELF CONTROL, and to self control PERSEVERANCE, and to perseverance GODLINESS; and to Godliness BROTHERLY KINDNESS; and to brotherly kindness LOVE. For if you possess these qualities IN INCREASING MEASURE, they [these qualities of Godís very nature] will keep you from being [spiritually] INEFFECTIVE AND UNPRODUCTIVE in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But IF ANYONE DOES NOT HAVE THEM, HE IS [spiritually] NEARSIGHTED AND BLIND, AND HAS FORGOTTEN THAT HE HAS BEEN CLEANSED FROM HIS SINS. Therefore, my brothers, be all the more EAGER TO MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE. For if you do these things, YOU WILL NEVER FALL and you will receive A RICH WELCOME INTO THE ETERNAL KINGDOM OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST (2 Peter 1:1-11).


If you are one of those called and chosen by God you will recognize the words in this article as coming directly from God. These are not words that I conjured up so as to write an article. These words are directly from the Bible and if you are one of the called out ones you will recognize the source of these words and ask God to help you respond as you should. You will ask God to give to you the same kind of FAITH AND BELIEF He gave to Abraham. And you will respond BY DEEDS as did Abraham and many others (see James 2:20-26).


If you trust God to GIVE you the kind of faith He gave to Abraham and so many others then you will be amazed at the many benefits and blessings God will give to you (study Psalm 103). You will recognize JUST HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO GOD [God has the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ invested in you] and His plan and you can and will exercise faith that can move mountains. God will back you up if you trust Him with this kind of faith and belief. Are you experiencing this kind of backing from God? If not, WHY NOT? This is one of the valuable lessons I learned decades ago immediately after I was ordained. There was this older lady in the Pasadena church who had a "heart problem." Though she had been anointed in accordance with James 5:l4 many times, she only received "relief" and not healing. Once I was ordained it became my turn to anoint her. Her requests came at least two or three times a week, and usually around two oíclock in the morning. After the third time I anointed her and she received

"relief" and not healing I sat down and had a talk with her. I pointed out that she only received "relief" and not healing and then I stated that God does not work that way. That He has promised that if we follow His commands and then BELIEVE that He will grant our petitions.


I then advised her that if she continued to call on me for the anointing I would ASK GOD TO SHOW ME WHY SHE WAS ONLY RECEIVING RELIEF AND NOT HEALING and I assured her that God would answer that prayer. She responded that she wanted me to do that for she claimed she really wanted to know Godís answer to this question.


About the third call for an anointing after this God had revealed to me what the problem was. And the problem was not with God. So I proceeded to anoint her and she received relief. I then reminded her about the promise I made to her and announced that God had revealed the answer to me. She got emotional and began to claim she really wanted me to tell her what God had revealed. As Godís minister it was my DUTY to pass on to her what God had revealed so I did. As tactfully as I could I advised her that she was not truly exercising faith in God. That in her mind and emotions she was DOING what God required by being anointed. I pointed out that during the anointing prayer she felt the presence of God and heard encouraging words about Godís promises. She felt the ministerís hands on her forehead during the anointing and she could wipe away the small residue of oil left from the anointing. By going through this anointing ritual she was able to relax and as she relaxed her body began to function normally. By being anointed she felt she was being "obedient to God" and this "obedience" was what was going to net her the healing she sought. Without realizing it her attitude toward God was "Now, God, since I have obeyed your command found in James 5:l4 you have an obligation to heal me as I have been obedient." The problem is that God does not work that way. He EXPECTS us to do so much more than "technical obedience." We must recognize that none of us can "earn" Godís blessings. And we cannot "bargain" with God either. In my fifty years dealing with Godís people you would be amazed at the number of times people have said "I promised God that if He would heal me [or grant some other request] I would serve Him faithfully!" That is the same as trying to BRIBE God. You are in essence telling God "Look, God, if you will meet my request THEN I will serve you!" It is imperative that we remember at all times that ALL OUR HUMAN RIGHTEOUSNESS IS AS FILTHY RAGS TO GOD (Isaiah 64:6). God does not need any of us or our services - - we need Him!


This senior church member learned that actually she was not as willing to learn what God says on the subject as she thought. She became quite emotionally upset saying "Iím older than you and Iíve been in the church longer than you and here you are telling me I am not exercising true faith in God." It took a little while for me to settle her down and ask her to tuck this away in her mind and pray to God about it and ask Him WHETHER this could be the case with her.


She kept calling on me for the anointing even though I had offended her. About the fourth time I was called out after my talk with her she stated, "Before you anoint me there is something I want to say. God has now shown me that your assessment was true - - that I have not been exercising true faith and belief in God." She then proceeded to tell me she had been willing to ACKNOWLEDGE that fact and ask God for forgiveness. I then anointed her thanking God for His WILLINGNESS TO WORK WITH US IN OUR WEAKNESSES. This was in the fall of the year near the time for the Feast of Tabernacles. For the past several years she had avoided attending the feast fearing that the high elevation in Squaw Valley [the feast site] would cause her to have "heart problems." She attended that year and had no problems at all. I never heard of another "heart problem" where she was concerned. She experienced "healing" and not merely "relief." God honored her faith!


The point of this is actually quite simple. If you are truly one whom God the Father has called and chosen

then you are very special to Him since your are His son, His heir and a joint heir with Christ. He is more than willing to take care of the problems you face in life. But He makes it clear that you must come to Him in TOTAL FAITH AND BELIEF NOT WAVERING (see James 1 - - the entire chapter). In fact, if you are facing any kind of problem I strongly recommend that you carefully study the first chapter of James WORD BY WORD AS YOU ASK GOD TO REVEAL TO YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF. But above all, you must ask God to HELP YOU BE WILLING TO ADMIT WHERE YOU NEED TO CHANGE. Once this senior lady in the church was WILLING to do this God honored her request and opened her eyes to see what He wanted her to see and once she ACKNOWLEDGED this weakness and repented He gave her permanent healing even in her advanced age. It all boils down to SIMPLE FAITH, SIMPLE BELIEF IN GOD KNOWING THAT WHAT HE





There is a key question we MUST ask ourselves PERSONALLY for which we MUST demand A TRUE ANSWER. That key question is summarized in the following scriptures. The first one we will consider is Ephesians 1:11 which reads "In Him (Christ) we were also CHOSEN having been PREDESTINED according to the PLAN (of salvation) of Him (God) who works out everything IN CONFORMITY WITH THE PURPOSE OF HIS WILL." Here we find conclusive proof that we have been predestined and chosen and will eventually be brought into the conformity of His will.


Verse 12 then states: "In order that we, WHO WERE THE FIRST TO HOPE IN CHRIST, might be for the praise of His glory." Our creation has always been FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! Then verse 13 states: "Having BELIEVED (accepted Godís calling and selection) you were MARKED in Him with a SEAL, the promised Holy Spirit."


Then verse 14 states: "Who (which) is a DEPOSIT GUARANTEEING OUR INHERITANCE, until the redemption of those who are GODíS P0SSESSIONS - - to the praise of God." Verse 4 states: "For He CHOSE us in Him BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD to be HOLY and BLAMELESS in His sight. In love he PREDESTINED us TO BE adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ." Then verse 9 states: "And He made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure."


Then in 2 Corinthians 1:22 we find: "He ANOINTED us, SET A SEAL OF OWNERSHIP ON US and put His spirit in us as a DEPOSIT GUARANTEEING WHAT IS TO COME." And 2 Timothy 1:9 shows we were called NOT BECAUSE OF OUR GOODNESS OR EFFORTS but because of His PURPOSE and GRACE. This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF TIME, [Note how long God has been investing in the plan to bring us into His family.]


1 John 2:20 certifies: "But you have AN ANOINTING FROM THE HOLY ONE, and all of you [who are the truly called out ones] know the truth." The King James translation renders verse 20 as "But you have an UNCTION from the Holy One." The World Book Encyclopedia defines "unction" as an anointing (religiously) or a divine or spiritual influence acting upon a person."


The bottom line then is that once the Creator God has selected and called and set apart a person that person then becomes the personal spiritual property of God. He (or she) is SEALED with the Holy Spirit so as to be PRESERVED until the return of Jesus Christ so as to be CHANGED from this fleshly existence into spirit (1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4).


Thus, if God has called and set you apart through this special anointing of the Holy Spirit as a deposit sealing you for your ultimate salvation then you have experienced a SPIRITUAL IMPREGNATION. If this has actually occurred to and with you then you BELONG TO GOD LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL. God is NOT going to repudiate His calling of you. He will see to it that you ultimately get on His spiritual track and continue until you have finished the race [carefully study 2 Timothy 4:6-8 and apply it to yourself and your true relationship with God.]


If the human fetus stops growing in its motherís womb it will die. In like manner, if we stop growing spiritually in our motherís womb (the church) then we will die SPIRITUALLY. My fear is that too many God has called and set apart have STOPPED GROWING and are on the verge of dying spiritually. Can


you be brutally honest with yourself in answering this "bottom line" question?


What you are STARING AT right now is either an ETERNITY IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD or complete cessation from life and from all memory that you even existed. Your eternal future is right now squarely in your own hands. God does REQUIRE that you WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING (Philippians 2:12-13). We would like to hear from you that you recognize who and what you are and what it will take for you to enter the Kingdom. My wife (Esther) and I have a commission from God to make this information available to Godís selected ones. Once we put this information in your hands our responsibility toward you ceases UNLESS you need and request further advice or information from us. We are NOT trying to get you to "follow us" or to "join our group." But rather to help you see the need to MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE. We most likely will never meet most of you in this life but we hope to meet you in the Kingdom as spirit beings.


Our earnest prayer is that you recognize who and what you are and what it will take to change your fleshly mortal body into a glorified SON OF GOD! May God bless you in understanding this important calling from God and help you respond to Him and the purpose for your life.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - - Bill Glover



P.S.†† After concluding the above article, proofreading it and setting it up on the computer for printing my wife and I went to bed - -around 10:30 P.M. But during the night Godís Spirit revealed to me that I had left out points that are part of the heart and soul of this subject - - the punch line! I had failed to emphasize that God, the Master Potter, hardened Pharaohís heart and destroyed Egypt (made them vessels of dishonor) in order to teach Israel that IN HIS MERCY He was DELIVERING THEM from slavery. He rolled back the Red Sea to impress on Israel that He has the power to carry out His will. He fed and watered them in a barren desert to also illustrate the point that He would provide their every need. Despite Godís extreme patience, the original adults who left Egypt NEVER LEARNED THEIR LESSONS. He rescued them from slavery but they kept wanting to return to their old ways even though it was that of BONDAGE. Despite all the many wonderful blessings God bestowed on Israel, they chose to reject Him BY GOING THEIR OWN WAY. During all this time ONLY A SELECT FEW chose to follow God. Are you trying to hold on to your old habits and traits? In like matter, even after all the miraculous events of Christís life, Israel still rebelled and rejected the Messiah. God still chose a few during that age to represent Him and they served God faithfully even unto death.


God has called and chosen A SELECT FEW from this age and delivered us from the EMPTY WAY OF LIFE WE HAD BEEN LIVING, giving us the chance to become literal SONS OF GOD (see I Peter 1:18-19). Christ showed that despite all that He has done for His people today MANY just will not heed and truly turn to God (Matthew 7:21-23) and zealously serve Him.


My wife and I recognize that human nature has not changed. The religious people of Christís day rejected Him and scoffed and ridiculed. They found fault with every aspect of His life they could "dig up." They constantly accused Him of evil and bad mouthed Him constantly. They did the same to Paul, Peter and all of Godís true servants. They eventually killed most of them in gruesome ways. We know in advance that SINCE THOSE OF YOU READING THIS CANNOT FAULT THE WORDS OF THIS ARTICLE you will try and fault us personally; carnally thinking that by faulting us you can make these words of God untrue. I have had people CRITICIZE ME PERSONALLY but not a single person has used the Bible to try and prove that what I say is wrong. I recognize that the WORDS OF GOD EMANATING FROM ME are stripping people naked spiritually. You may reason that you need not respond because these words are emanating from a flawed human being whom even God recognizes is not wise, influential or noble BY HUMAN STANDARDS (see 1 Corinthians 1:26-30). My wife and I find ourselves in the same position

as John as recorded in I John 4:6 which states: "We are from God, AND WHOEVER KNOWS GOD LISTENS TO US." Or as Christ stated "My sheep KNOW MY VOICE regardless of the human whose vocal cords are used to utter the words.


God has allowed Satan the devil to deceive the entire world (see 1 John 5:19 and 2 Corinthians 4:4). But, we (THOSE GOD HAS CALLED AND SELECTED) "KNOW that the Son of God has come and has GIVEN US UNDERSTANDING, so that we may KNOW HIM who is true - - even in His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and ETERNAL LIFE." (see 1 John 5:20).


Most of you reading this KNOW that your life is not really right with God. You are in a spiritual quagmire and cannot seem to extricate yourself. I hear from people from many different areas of the earth seeking answers. But when they learn from me that they must personally get busy and WORK OUT THEIR OWN SALVATION they find they are not quite willing to put forth the effort - - AND IT DOES TAKE EFFORT TO FOLLOW GODíS WAY OF LIFE! Thankfully some heed the advice given and go to God for the help needed to address their problems. But most choose to find a compromise between Godís WAY OF LIFE and the ways of this evil world. Some choose to follow Esauís example and trade off the salvation God offers for pieces of human flesh within their human bodies. Others (only a few) choose to follow Jacobís example and, in essence, WRESTLE WITH GOD for this great calling and election.


I challenge you to go to a mirror and look yourself squarely in the face and ask which of these categories you fit. Stop trying to find fault in me but CONCENTRATE ON THE WORDS GOD IS GIVING TO YOU THROUGH ME! Are these words clearly set forth in the Bible? Do you actually believe the Bible? Are you actually following the instructions found in the Bible? Let Godís Spirit CONVICT you that these are the words of God. These are not "DOCTRINAL" ISSUES THAT SO MANY SEEM TO WANT TO ARGUE OVER. These are CHARACTER ISSUES THAT REGULATE WHETHER OR NOT WE WILL BE IN GODíS KINGDOM. Remember you stand ALONE before God. You do not answer to me but to God. Be honest with yourself. WHERE DO YOU ACTUALLY STAND BEFORE GOD? Your salvation is literally at stake!