By Bill Glover



If there was ever a need for God then it is now!

But, where is He when we need him so badly?


We, at this very moment, are living in unpresidented times of an increasingly uncertain world with unstable economics worldwide, employment insecurity, violent weather changes [such an storms, floods, earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis, and droughts], nuclear plant meltdowns, radiation poisoning and water pollution worldwide as well as wars and threats of wars on many fronts with resultant loss of tens of thousands and even millions of lives.  Let us find out if God has died or maybe He just became obsolete or merely lost interest in humans!


But where is this God when we need Him so badly?  Has He died or has He lost interest in the affairs of this earth?  Why does God allow such tragedies, pain and suffering if He is a loving and compassionate God? [Please request our free article titled “Why, Oh God, Why?].  Do you know the answer to these questions - - do you actually want to know the answers? Or, would you rather merely take your chances with fate?


Did the God of Christianity die?  What about the “god” of the Muslims?  Or what about all the other hundreds of “gods” that are worshipped throughout the world - - have they all died too?  Is there some kind of war going on between the different “gods?”  Or, maybe God has just given up on humans.  Maybe He has merely gone off somewhere else in the universe and left humans to themselves and to their own devices. Is God obsolete? Is Stephen Hawkins, the famous astrophysicist, correct in claiming that God is now obsolete - - he claims that the advances in science has made a belief in God  obsolete - - Is God supposedly no longer needed?  Or, did God ever exist in the first place (as evolutionists claim) or is He merely a figment of the imagination of humans?


Is it not downright strange and even rather ridiculous that all the many “gods” that are worshipped throughout the world are powerless to defend themselves and protect humans who worship them?  What kind of “god” has to rely on humans to protect and defend them and to advance their causes and beliefs?  For example, if someone insults the Muslim “god” then Muslims feel the need to place a death sentence on the offender and go all out to kill him.  If Allah is truly a “god” then why can’t he protect and defend himself?  How can anyone worship a POWERLESS “god” who is incapable of defending himself?  Yet Muslims will hate me and try to kill me for merely posing such a question.  If the Muslim “god” is actually a true “god” then why can’t he protect himself and his own integrity?  Why is he so powerless that he must rely on humans and brute human force and violence for his own protection?


The same applies to the Christian “god.”  Whether you are Catholic or protestant, if someone insults the “god” of your “church” or questions your church’s “religion” then you feel obligated to defend your “god” and your beliefs.  Is your “god” NOT capable of defending himself?  Can he stand up for himself or must he rely on humans to protect him and his image?  He is not much of a “god” if he must rely on frail humans to defend him.  And if Stephen Hawkins is correct that science has made God obsolete and unnecessary; then is science actually going to save the human race from itself?  Or, has not science created most of the problems humans face today? (Compare with Matthew 24:22 and verses 4-8).  Is your “god” going to be willing to resolve these questions and silence the critics?  How can you worship a “god” who cannot defend himself and your religious beliefs?  If you cannot prove the validity of your beliefs then why would you worship YOUR “god?”  The God of the Bible had Matthew 24:22 and vs. 4-8 written.




A Biblical example of a weak, powerless and defenseless “god” is found in 1 Kings 18.  In this Biblical example we find the people of Israel confused about the “god” they served (the same as humans today are confused about the “god” they claim to worship).   They were worshipping two different “gods” - - one was called Baal and the other was the “god” of Asherah. The prophet Elijah was called on to establish the identity of THE TRUE CREATOR GOD of the universe.  The pagan “god” Baal had 450 representatives and the false “god” of Asherah had another 400 representatives present.  Elijah confronted these 850 false leaders with the challenge: “If the Lord God I serve is the true God then worship Him but if Baal or Asherah are “gods” then worship them (see verse 21 as well as Joshua 24:15).   In 1 Kings 18:22-29 we find Elijah’s challenge to the representatives of the other “gods.” In essence he said “If the “god” you serve has any power then call on him to PROVE IT!  These representatives agreed to this challenge but their “gods” were powerless to respond.  Elijah even taunted  these false ministers by saying: “Shout louder (they had been shouting for their “gods” to answer them and even mutilating their bodies in an effort to get his attention) surely, IF HE IS A TRUE “GOD” then perhaps he is deep in thought, busy or traveling or maybe sleeping and must be awakened” (verses 26-28).  These false ministers continued their frantic efforts to get the attention of their “god” to get him to respond to their pleas - -  BUT TO NO AVAIL.  They continued this WAIL until it was time for the evening sacrifice that the true God has commanded of His people Israel. Please notice that Elijah looked to the God he served to PROVE He was and is the true God!




Now carefully study verses 30-35 to note how difficult Elijah made this challenge for himself and for his God.  When it came time for reckoning, Elijah stepped forward and prayed a VERY SIMPLE AND BRIEF PRAYER.   He prayed: “O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, LET IT BE KNOWN TODAY THAT YOU ARE GOD AND THAT I AM YOUR SERVANT. . . answer me, O Lord, answer me, so these people will know that you, O Lord, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again!”  Please notice that Elijah plainly told God that IT WOULD BE NECESSARY FOR HIM TO PROVE HIS OWN VALIDITY!  Elijah did NOT try to defend God.  He frankly CHALLENGED GOD TO PROVE HIMSELF!


Notice how brief and how simple and challenging that prayer was.  Elijah merely said, in essence, “God, IT IS NOW UP TO YOU AS I CANNOT CONVINCE THESE PEOPLE BY MY OWN POWER AND STRENGTH OR ACTIVITIES.  Many ministers, priests and clergy of various types and imams tend to think one must shout and agonize at their “god” to try and get him to respond - - such as those Elijah challenged.  But notice 2 Kings 17:40-41 where we find people CLAIMING to serve the God of the Bible but are actually serving idols and pagan practice as is done in “Christian” churches today.   Most “Christian” churches do NOT know the origin of their beliefs and customs even though they claim allegiance to the God of the Bible.  Do you know the origin of your religious beliefs?  Do you actually want to know WHY you do the religious practices you do?  Do you get angry when others challenge your religious beliefs?  Let us consider that question seriously!


But first let us consider another Biblical example of a “god:” who could not defend himself and his integrity.  This Biblical example is found in Judges 6 of the Bible.  Here we find Gideon challenging the “god” called Baal: by saying “Are you going to plead Baal’s cause?  Are you trying to save him? . . . If Baal really is a “god,” he can defend himself?. . . Let Baal contend with him  (since Gideon broke down Baal’s altar - - verses 31-32.)


The point is quite simple - - any “god” claiming to be “god” should be powerful enough to defend himself from critics rather than relying on humans to defend and protect him.  How can a person worship such a POWERLESS “god?” Just how powerful is the “god” you worship?  Are you afraid to put your “god” to the test?  The TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE CHALLENGES us humans to put Him to the test.   Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, stated plainly:  “I tell you the truth, anyone who HAS FAITH IN ME will DO WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING.  He will DO EVEN GREATER THINGS THAN THESE, BECAUSE I AM GOING TO THE FATHER And I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU ASK IN MY NAME. . . YOU MAY ASK ME FOR ANYTHING IN MY NAME, AND I WILL DO IT (John 14:12-14).   Is the “god” you are serving doing  GREATER THINGS than Jesus did?  Will your “god” back up your words as the God of the Bible did for Elijah and Gideon?  If not, WHY NOT?  Why not PUT YOUR “GOD” TO THE TEST?


You should request and read our two free articles entitled “Defending God” and “Why, Oh God, Why” as well as other articles posted.  Go ahead and put your “god” to the test.  Why “worship” and “serve” a “god” when you have no proof that he actually exists?


The God of the Bible does not lie and challenges each of us to PROVE HIM to be true to His word.  Our articles will help you see what the Bible says about this Almighty God in whom you can trust.   We are here to serve you and help you learn about the TRUE GOD so you will have no need to explain why your “god” does not perform miracles for you personally as the Bible promises!