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By Bill Glover


Tears of great sadness, as well as tears of unbelievable joy, are present as this article is being written.  It is the most difficult article I have ever written. Knowing what is in store for the entire earth in the immediate future and the suffering yet to come makes it very difficult to write an article on encouragement.  Through the various news agencies it is evident this Earth is in serious trouble. The entire banking system worldwide is literally about to collapse which will cause extremely adverse conditions all over this earth. The current problems of hunger and starvation will be multiplied by a thousand times. There will be drought conditions all over this earth. There will be more and more earthquakes and volcanoes as well as more severe hurricanes, tornadoes, massive storms and chaos that represent suffering that is unimaginable. That is why tears of sadness are flowing.




It is always darkest just before and during the storm. The before mentioned worldwide storm of events that is coming will result in millions of humans dying from these natural calamities. The suffering occurring at this moment will be very small by comparison with what is yet to come.  But, there is a tremendous future for mankind AFTER THIS STORM IS OVER. That future is ushered in by the literal return of Jesus Christ to this earth and His establishing the Kingdom of God ON THIS EARTH.


[SPECIAL NOTE: Let me pause at this moment and briefly explain what prompted this article. I have made two trips to Kenya the last two years and God revealed to me what was in store for Kenya. I cautioned those who heard me speak that drought, famine and starvation was soon coming. Since I came to know the Kenyan people I developed a deep love for them. I also developed a deep love for other people in other countries who have written to me asking that I visit them and instruct them in the ways of God. Thus, the conditions in Kenya - - and many other countries including America - - compelled me to write this article - - not just for Kenya but for the entire world. This time of trouble is coming on the entire earth to try and test all humans dwelling on earth (Revelation 3:10) and to compel them to repent and turn to God.  By encouraging the people of Kenya, it is hoped that people all over this earth that will read this article can receive some encouragement on what it will take to protect them from the severe trials as these troubles unfold.]


One of the first points I taught the people of Kenya was that "God will NOT bless you IN YOUR SINS!"  Neither will God save you "while you are in your sins!"  Neither will He heal you "while you remain in your sins" nor provide your daily needs "while you remain in your sins!"  The first requirement God makes is that we all must REPENT and change.


Quite a few people in Kenya heeded this call for repentance and have been receiving God's blessings. Others have not seen the need to change their lifestyle and thus are not receiving blessings from God.  Jesus Christ Himself saw all the anguish the people of His day were suffering. He told those people (and us today) "How often I have longed to gather you under my wing as a mother hen gathers her chicks (for protection) but you would not allow it" (Matthew 23:37). There is help available to any and all humans on earth but each person individually must go to God for that help. God does NOT give His blessings to those who disregard His instructions found in the Bible. 


Let me briefly explain how deeply I am affected personally with all the worldwide troubles that are coming on this earth. I have children, gandchildren and great grandchildren whom God has not yet called to conversion. They do not see the need for God in their lives and have not chosen to seek the ways of God.  I know that the terrible times ahead are going to mean severe suffering and death for many in my family. But I cannot protect them and neither can I provide their needs. Every person stands alone before God and each person must learn to trust God for his or her needs. God says that when a nation sins and rejects the knowledge of the true God He will punish those people. Please study carefully Ezekiel 14. God states plainly that when this terrible time of trouble comes that not even Daniel, Job or Noah could save their own family members.  Verse 5 shows why God is bringing these terrible plagues on humans:  "I will do this to recapture the hearts of my people, who have deserted me FOR THEIR IDOLS."  Some of you may think it is all right to worship on Sunday, ignore God's true Sabbath and Holy Days and keep Christmas, Easter and other pagan customs. The plagues, the diseases and other calamities that are coming on the entire world will show you just how angry God is. There is soon to be a reckoning BEFORE our God.


We need to keep in mind that God made us flesh and blood humans so we could feel pain and suffer so that we can SEE THE NEED to turn to God and His ways. He will allow us to suffer as long at it takes to make us WILLING TO CHANGE OUR WAYS! God is doing this SO THAT HUMANS WOULD SEEK HIM, AND PERHAPS REACH OUT FOR HIM AND FIND HIM EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT FAR FROM US AT ANY TIME, for IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR LIVES (Acts 17:27-28). You need to fully understand that verse!


Many people in Kenya (and other countries) write to me asking for money. They think that "money" is the answer to their problems. The real answer to their problems is GOD and the changing of their way of living.  Different people have cited the example of "the Good Samaritan" to me stating, in essence, that if I do not give them money, then I could not be serving God AND AM NOT A TRUE CHRISTIAN. That is NOT what the story of the Good Samaritan is teaching us. 


What we need to understand is what the Bible actually teaches. AM I GOD? AM I THE ONE WHO IS TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS? DID I PERSONALLY CAUSE YOUR FINANCIAL AND JOB PROBLEMS - - did I bring about the curses that you are suffering?  Why am I the one to whom you are looking for your human needs?  AM I THE ONE WHO WILL SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS?  Did I die on the cross for you?  DO YOU THINK OF ME AS "GOD?"  The one that each of you must learn to look to for your needs IS GOD HIMSELF - - NOT ME!  God has NOT given me the responsibility (or the means) to provide your needs.  God reserves that responsibility for Himself. If you look to me for your needs then you are guilty of IDOLATRY, which is a serious sin. If we as humans suffer enough as we disregard God's laws then eventually we will see the NEED TO REPENT of our ways and turn to God for forgiveness.  You cannot expect God to provide your needs while you keep sinning. God does not work that way. He hears ONLY those who have a humble and teachable heart and who TREMBLES AT HIS WORD (Isaiah 66:2) - - the one who is fearful of ignoring what God says in His Bible. If anyone will not stop breaking the laws of God then he will continue to pay the penalty - - which could mean starvation and death. Even if I had the money God would not allow me to spare you the penalty of your sins. I must answer for MY sins - - not yours. You must answer for YOUR sins - - not me!


Let me give two separate examples of what I found in Kenya. In one case a man with a family asked my son and me to pray that God would provide a job for him so he could provide for his family. We were happy to take his request before God. This occurred late one afternoon. The very next day he had SEVEN employers offer him a job. He could not believe that one day he had no prospect of a job and then 12 hours later he had seven offers.   He chose what he believed was the best job offered to him. He had already learned that God requires His true people to keep the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday).  He was pleased to have a job and knew that God had provided this job. However, a little time later his employer asked him to work on Saturdays. Suddenly he had to make a decision - - to work on the Sabbath so as to keep his job or to disobey God's command regarding the Sabbath so he could keep the job.  He forgot that God provided that job and would clearly provide another job (possibly an even better job) IF HE OBEYED GOD! But his faith in God was weak so he chose to work on the Sabbath. Now he faces a grave problem. How can he now go to God for all his needs since he has placed his job ABOVE the God who provided the job originally. How can he have real faith that God will protect him and his family since he has chosen to disregard God's command regarding the Sabbath? He saw clear proof that God answers prayers.  Yet, many people convince themselves that God does not place very much importance on obedience to His laws. Thus, they cut themselves off from God and His blessings and bring curses on themselves.  God did not fail them - - they failed God!  People have asked us to remove the curse they bring on themselves by giving them money and yet they do not change their ways. We cannot remove curses that God allowed to come on people because of their sins.  If you do not change then you will bring additional curses on yourself.


In another case this lady owned a shoe store and earned her living selling shoes. My son and I visited her during our 2007 trip to Kenya. She told us that in the three weeks before we came she had NOT sold a single pair of shoes. She desperately needed to sell shoes to provide for her needs. She asked that we pray that God would bring customers to her store. We gladly fulfilled her request. Immediately after we prayed for her, THREE customers came in and bought shoes. This all happened within 30 minutes. She saw definite evidence that God answers prayers.


Let us see what the Bible actually teaches. God's ministers, Peter and John, encountered a man at the gate of Jerusalem who had been a cripple since birth. This man asked them for money (like so many in Kenya and other countries have asked me). What did they answer him?  Acts 3:4-8 shows that they did NOT give him any money. What they did was to reveal the true God our healer and provider to him. They actually showed him where he could go for his needs. That is what we do today.  We are NOT God. If you are looking to us to solve your financial or human needs then you are disobeying God and engaging in IDOLATRY - - putting us in place of God   - - a very serious sin!  Even if I had millions of dollars GOD WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO SOLVE YOUR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. Doing so would cause you to commit idolatry. My job is to teach you that GOD IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS.  Peter and John told the crippled man "we do not have any money to give you but what we do have (access to God) we give to you."  God sent me to Kenya to teach  about the Living God of the Bible. Once you learn this then you have the responsibility to begin asking God for your needs AS YOU BEGIN OBEYING HIM. You can begin to call on and trust Him - - not us - - for all your needs.  I am 12,000 miles away from Kenya but God is as close as your prayer. I am a human being but GOD IS ALMIGHTY. I cannot give you what I do not have but God owns everything and is not limited in what He can or will do for you if you learn to trust him!  The only limitation you face is YOUR OWN LACK OF FAITH and your own refusal to obey Him! God will NOT bless you and provide your needs while you continue to sin!


It is noted that many that have asked me for money say it is for orphans. They think this will cause me to send them money.  They go on to say they are teaching these children about Christmas, Easter and other traditions and customs, thinking such will please me. What they do not realize is that these customs and practices are in defiance of the Almighty God since they have pagan origins. Do any of you think that God would approve my giving money to an orphanage that teaches Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, etc. when God condemns these practices?  God does not hear the prayers of sinners (John 9:31).  And God does not allow me to come along and give you money when you are in defiance of Him and His laws. 


Taking care of the physical needs of orphans is certainly a worthy cause. But if you teach orphans to observe religious traditions and customs that violate the laws of God then you are actually bringing curses on them (and yourself) by teaching these children to sin and be in rebellion against God.  God will NOT bless you or your work with orphans as long as you teach and practice these things. If you teach these children the laws of God then you COULD EXPECT GOD to provide their needs and yours.


We must realize and remember that mankind as a whole has rejected God since the time of Adam and Eve. To this very day humans are rejecting God and His ways. Many of the people who have asked me for money continue to refuse to obey God. They want blessings from God but refuse to obey Him. God is NOT going to bless any person like this.  He will continue to let you suffer until you come to your senses and repent - -repent of breaking the laws of God. No one will receive God's blessings any other way. God does NOT provide the needs of people who refuse or neglect to obey Him. You must not CONTINUE IN SIN (1 John 5:18).  It is extremely important that all of you realize this most important point. Jesus taught clearly "If anyone loves me, he will OBEY MY TEACHINGS. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me will NOT obey my teachings. THESE WORDS YOU HEAR ARE NOT MY OWN, THEY BELONG TO THE FATHER WHO SENT ME!" (John 14:23-24).  And, "If anyone chooses to DO GOD'S WILL, HE WILL FIND OUT WHETHER MY TEACHINGS COME FROM GOD" (John 7:17). In like manner, what you have learned from The Living God Ministry is from God and those who have followed the instructions from the Bible that we teach have learned that God keeps His promises to bless those who obey Him.  


Let me at this point explain something that is extremely important. I do not want any of you to think that we can EARN God's blessings, His healings and salvation. All of God's blessings COME THROUGH GRACE. Grace is undeserved pardon or forgiveness of PAST SINS. This grace is a GIFT from God. We cannot earn this gift. However, God will NOT bless those who disregard His instructions in the Bible by continuing to sin. "WE KNOW THAT GOD DOES NOT HEAR THE PRAYERS OF SINNERS.  HE LISTENS TO THE GODLY MAN WHO DOES HIS WILL" (John 9:31). Receiving God's grace (HIS FORGIVENESS) creates within us the desire and the willingness to begin to obey God through His laws. Grace stimulates OBEDIENCE - - IT DOES NOT GIVE "LICENSE TO SIN!" As Paul taught in Romans 6:1, "Shall we CONTINUE IN SIN that grace may abound?"  Each of you should carefully study the entire 6th chapter of Romans word by word and drink in of its meaning. We are to LIVE A NEW LIFE (vs. 4) - - a life of following God and His instructions.


I ask all of you to carefully study Deuteronomy 32:15-29. The word Jeshurum is another word for Israel. Israel rejected their God so He rejected them. If you reject the Almighty God once He calls you to repentance then He will reject you. But, God has now given you this opportunity to turn to Him and forsake your sins and come under His protection and receive your needs. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?  If you do not do so then you cannot expect God's intervention for you.


Now go back and carefully study Deuteronomy 28 word by word. Here we find BLESSINGS FOR OBEDIENCE (verses 1-14) and CURSES FOR DISOBEDIENCE (verses 15-68). If you study these verses carefully you will see many of these curses occurring in Kenya (and other countries) at this very moment - - caused by the disobedience of the people. As verse 38 says, you will plant many seed but harvest very little. Is this not happening in Kenya at this very moment?  How badly do you want these curses removed from your land?


While in Kenya on my first trip in 2007, God revealed to me this coming drought, hunger and starvation.  God inspired me to tell you this was coming. I personally saw that drinkable water was a problem in Kenya. I wept when I saw this. I also saw that a drought was coming and wept.  But you need to realize that I cannot prevent these disasters from coming because they are caused by the disobedience of the people. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN NOW HELP KENYANS (and all other nations) IS GOD AND BASED ON WHETHER THE PEOPLE REPENT - - CHANGE THEIR WAYS!


Let me at this point tell you what my personal responsibility is.  It is summarized in Acts 26:17-18.  God has called me and given me the responsibility to teach those of you reading this the truths of God so that your eyes can and will be opened and lead you from DARKNESS INTO HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT. Also, I am to give you the knowledge that will release you from the power of Satan and his ways so you can turn to God and receive forgiveness of your sins and also receive His blessings!


Some of you have responded to these truths and are beginning to receive God's blessings. As Paul said in verse 20, "I preached that they should REPENT and TURN TO GOD and PROVE THEIR REPENTANCE BY THEIR DEEDS."  Once you have heard these words then God expects you to act on them. Otherwise you will be subject to the curses that are coming. If you do not heed, then you have no one to blame but yourself. You have now heard God's message to you personally! Your future depends on whether you respond to God and His words. Once I have given you these words then I have fulfilled my responsibility toward you.  Those who heed and come for further instruction then my responsibility toward you goes forward until I have given you additional counsel.


Even though the future is very dark and bad, a beautiful time is ahead for all of us - - after the storm is over. Let us take a look at the future that YOU CAN HAVE IF YOU TURN TO GOD.  If you turn to God during this lifetime and live the life God requires, then you will be one of God's firstfruits and will come under His protection. You will be brought into the very family of God at the return of Jesus Chris to this earth. You will be given a position of rulership.  God will use you to teach many others about the true God of the Bible so that they can receive the blessings of God and ultimate salvation.


Romans 8:16-17 shows that God has given you the opportunity to become a literal son of God, an heir of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ. That is the future God is offering you. You have the opportunity to INHERIT ALL THINGS WITH JESUS CHRIST. That is how great your future can be - - but only if you seek God while He is available to you. If you do not seek God and begin to obey Him then you will perish in your sins along with the rest of humans on earth. Many of you will not fully understand this until you find yourself in the middle of the greatest time of trouble this earth has ever known. When this happens you will then wish you had heeded when God gave you the chance. 


Terrible times are ahead of all of us. Here in America we are about to endure a great financial crash that will affect the entire earth. This terrible trouble has already begun. More than 12 million people in America go hungry every day. Millions of others have lost their jobs. Yet, most of you think of America as a paradise. America is in very serious trouble but our people refuse to acknowledge this fact and refuse to repent and turn to God. They trust the government to save us out of this trouble. Since they do not know THE TRUE GOD of the Bible the only thing they believe can help them is the government. [NOTE: I sense from letters I receive from Kenya that many there think your government will finally solve the problems in Kenya. This is NOT going to happen.]  We are only now beginning to see just how corrupt our government and major corporations really are (in America and Kenya as well as other nations) and just how deep this corruption goes. The government in Washington is too greedy to change thus, the government must fail under the weight of its own corruption. God is allowing all this corruption and greed to bring about these terrible events to force our peoples to repent. But, sadly, the people will not repent and change until terrible conditions force their repentance. Will those of you reading this wait for terrible events to force you to turn to God? 


Are any of you aware of the book of Jonah in the Bible. God gave Jonah a job. That job was to go to Ninevah and tell them that if they did not REPENT they would all be destroyed. God is using us to give some of you the chance to turn to God and enter His family.  Many of you have turned to The Living God of the Bible. You are seeking God's ways in your life and you are beginning to see blessings come your way. More blessings will come AS YOU SEEK GOD and as you determine to follow where He leads. God will give you insight into what is about to happen BEFORE it happens. You can understand why these events take place and what you can do to receive God's help and protection.


We have ministers in Kenya who are ready and willing to guide you further. They cannot provide your financial needs but they can show you how to go to God for these needs. They will pray for you (as my son and I prayed for many while we were in Kenya) but they cannot live the true Christian life FOR YOU!  You are the one who must do that!  My heart aches for all of you who are in severe need - - and I weep for you. But GOD is your source of help - - not me! My job is to point you to God. But you must go to Him personally, as I cannot do it for you. Neither can the ministers serving with me do it FOR you. May God help you understand this vital point is my earnest prayer.  


Let me now direct you to the very words of Jesus Christ concerning your human needs. These words are found in Matthew 6. In verse 24 we find Jesus stating clearly that a person CANNOT SERVE BOTH GOD AND MONEY. He then states that we are not to worry about our human lives and bodily needs (water, food and clothing) SINCE YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS YOU NEED THESE THINGS. He then states that we must SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and THEN all our human needs will be provided (study verses 25-34). These are the very words of Jesus Christ. Either they are true or Jesus was a liar. I personally know these words are true and you too can know this provided you turn to Him with all your heart.


Let us now consider Hebrews 11:6, which says: "Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him MUST BELIEVE (KNOW) THAT HE EXISTS and that HE REWARDS THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM."  Keep in mind that I personally cannot give you that faith - - you must go to God for it!  Many people in Kenya have learned that God is faithful to keep His promises by the miracles they witnessed after we prayed for them.


In closing let me stress that my heart goes out to humans who are suffering all over this earth. But I did not cause this suffering - - your personal sins and the sins of your ancestors did!  This entire earth is under curses from God because of this disobedience. Since I did not cause these I cannot remove them. And God will not remove them until humans repent and change their ways. Since most humans are not yet ready to repent and change their ways then we individually and personally must change our own ways so as to come under God's protection. Miraculous help is available but only through true repentance and change.


God says that we are to save ourselves from this corrupt generation (Acts 2:40-41).  Like the Apostle Paul, we did not come to you as eloquent speakers but as weak human beings. But we brought with us the Power of the Almighty God with the demonstration of the Spirit of God (see 1 Corinthians 2:1-5).  We did NOT set ourselves up as something special but proclaimed Jesus Christ and Him crucified and why He was crucified (vs. 2). We did NOT advise you to follow us but TO FOLLOW GOD THROUGH THE WORDS OF THE BIBLE!  We have taught you HOW to come to God and receive His blessings. It is now your responsibility to act on this knowledge. We cannot do it for you!


If you decide to seek the true God of the Bible then you will want to request further guidance from us.  We are God's servants and are here to serve you!

May God help you understand how important these words are to you! My heart goes out to all of you but God is the one you must turn to for you needs.  God is ready and willing to answer your prayers if you repent and turn to Him.  It is now your choice! May God help you choose His ways.                 

                                                                                                        - - Bill Glover