Children of the Prophets

March  2013



Subject:  Jah Saves . . . God’s Deliverance of His People!

The name Joshua is a declaration that it is Jah (Yahweh) who delivers His chosen nation from this world and saves them completely from their sinful desires and ways.  This man of Ephraim was called and personally trained by Jah for the important work of leading the children of Israel into the “promised land” that was their inheritance from their faithful fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.  When Moses was taken by death, Jah appeared to Joshua as the “Commander of the army of the Lord,” and told him to be strong and of good courage in the knowledge that He would be with him wherever he went.  Reading the book of Joshua will give you insight into how Jah’s promises were fulfilled in the lifetime of this Godly leader.  One event; however, reveals the weakness of any human leadership as Joshua and the elders of Israel allowed themselves to be tricked into making a covenant of peace with the Hivites of Gibeon, which was against the specific instructions of Jah.  Even at the end of Joshua’s life there was a great deal of land that remained to be taken out of the hands of the nations who were to be completely driven out or destroyed.  The “Angel” of  the Lord accompanied Israel and cut off the nations standing against God’s people.  The covenant was renewed between Jah and the children who survived the journeys in the wilderness, and they were reminded of His commands and warned against leaving any of the native peoples in their inheritance who would prove to be snares to their faithful walk with Him.  In the same way, Jesus (Joshua)is the One who delivers and saves His spiritual people today.  He commands His saints today to “walk in the light” so He can “cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  Just as the pagan peoples of Canaan had to be completely removed from God’s land, the sinful impulses of our native flesh must be completely cut off and destroyed from our lives today.  This requires that we be strong and of good courage knowing that Jah has promised to be with us to the end of the age.  The word reveals the three main strongholds of sin in our lives, which are the “lust of the flesh,” the “lust of the eyes,” and the “pride of life.”  Jesus promises to cleanse His people of the sins already committed through His sacrifice of propitiation, and as the “Commander of the army of the Lord” He leads us in battle daily against the remaining pockets of resistance and rebellion in our minds and hearts.  Until these enemies are completely cut off there can be no real safety or security for our freedom in Christ, our eternal inheritance.  May this message urge you to put on the armor of God today, as Jah works in your flesh to deliver and save you from all evil!  



Personally read and reflect on the Word of God: 

Joshua 1:1-9 . . . “Lord God is with you wherever you go”

Joshua 9:1-27 . . . “Covenant with the Gibeonites.

Joshua 13:1 and 23:1-16 . . . “much land yet to be possessed” and Joshua’s farewell address.

Exodus 23:20-33 . . . “I send an Angel before you . . . I will cut them off.”

Exodus 34:10-18 and Deuteronomy 7:12-26 . . . Covenant renewed and peoples destroyed.

I John 1:5-10 . . . “walk in the light” . . . “cleanses us from all unrighteousness”

I John 2:15-17 . . . “Do not love the world . . . lust . . . flesh . . . eyes . . . pride of life”




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