Children of the Prophets

February 2013



Subject:  The Basest of Men


The “oracles of God,“ commonly known as the Holy Bible, plainly declare that Yahweh Elohim [LORD God] rules over all the kingdoms [governments] of men, and He is the One who raises up “the basest of men” to positions of great human authority.  Once they have accomplished His purpose He brings them down to dust and ashes when their hubris leads them to believe they are as  indestructible as God.  A good example of this is the ancient king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar [biblical spelling], who was chosen by the Lord [Jesus Christ] to conquer the kingdom of Judah and take His own people away as captives into a foreign land because their hubris led them to reject God‘s revealed way in favor of their own wicked and crooked paths.  The prophet Daniel became a prominent counselor to the king after he was given the revelation of the king’s dream.  This dream pictured a large figure of a man and illustrated the series of human empires that were prophesied to arise in history and finally be ground into powder by the kingdom of God, which will rule over all the earth at the return of the Messiah.  In a later dream Nebuchadnezzar was given a warning about God’s sentence to seven years of madness for his haughtiness upon beholding and then taking credit for the splendor and grandeur of Babylon.  The Most High’s response was to convincingly demonstrate to the puppet king, and to all the peoples in the world, that in actuality Nebuchadnezzar “did not build that!”  All “Christians” who are believers know that these words are true and sure!


Now to the question of the moment:  “Is President Barack Obama a Christian?”  Notwithstanding his pronouncements that he is a believer in the Christian faith, God’s word proves conclusively to all believers that the president cannot possibly be one of those the Father has drawn to Jesus, and he most certainly is not among those who have been chosen to stand in the gap for Christ in these perilous last days of mankind’s erratic and fatal dominion over the earth.  The readily accessible proof presented here is found in the book of Proverbs, chapter 6, which says:


Verses 16-19  There are six things the LORD hates--no, seven things He detests:

1.      “haughty eyes”

2.      “a lying tongue”

3.      “hands that kill the innocent”

4.      “a heart that plots evil”

5.      “feet that race to do wrong”

6.      “a false witness who pours out lies”

7.      “a person who sows discord among brothers”

[New Living Translation]


*   The haughty and condescending demeanor commonly on the President’s face testifies against him that he is obviously not one who has made a lifetime commitment to “do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with his  

     God” [Micah 6:8]. That’s #1 . . . “haughty eyes!” 

*   It would be impossible to recount accurately the numerous times and reasons for the President to tell an out-and-out lie, let alone taking into consideration the much greater collection of obfuscations and distortions of the

     facts beyond either recognition or reality.  That’s #2 . . . “a lying tongue!” 

*   The President is unashamedly a supporter of a policy of abortion on demand that is responsible for the murder of over 50 million innocent lives in the United States alone.  That’s #3 . . . “hands that kill the innocent!” 

*   It has been much more transparent than this administration’s clandestine political and personal activities, that since the President appeared prominently on the public stage, he and those surrounding him are

     consummately skilled at plotting and planning their way into power, with a seemingly sociopathic disregard for the lives and reputations of anyone who has stood in their way.  That’s #4 . . . “a heart that plots evil!” 

*   During his first term in office, and especially at the start of this second term, the President has made no secret of his intentions to quickly push forward a political, social, and economic agenda that is clearly wrong for the

     nation, from a strictly biblical point of reference.  That’s #5 . . . “feet that race to do wrong!” 

*  Have you ever witnessed a campaign as ruthlessly willing and even eager to slander and malign the names and reputations of  their opponents with the total complicity of the national news media?  “The truth be  

     hanged,”  is clearly their motto!  That’s #6 . . . “a false witness who pours out lies!” 

*  Finally, the President has used the politics of division to sow discord among the various racial, ethnic, and economic groups that populate the cities, towns, suburbs, and rural areas of this nation and its territories--again

     with the reckless complicity of the national news media and their cadre of propaganda spinners.  That’s #7 . . . “a person who sows discord among brethren!”


So, is there any reasonable doubt remaining in the minds of the American jury as to the validity of a presidential claim to a genuine belief in the Christian God?  The Founder of the faith, called the Lamb of God, said that the one who acknowledges Him before men He will acknowledge before the Father in heaven; but, the one who denies Him before men He will deny before His Father in heaven.  This means so much more than lip service, since the LORD will ultimately expose those who “show great love with their lips,” because He knows that in truth “their heart is far from Him.“  President Barack Obama can claim to possess faith in Jesus Christ as often as he wants, and it won’t make it so, because the Omnipotent God who raised him up to that high office, to accomplish His purpose for this nation, declares openly that He “hates” and “detests” everything that he is doing as president--and He refuses to claim as His own one of the “the basest of men!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Stephen I. Glover