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By Bill Glover

Actually, the better question would be WHY WOULDNíT GOD BE ANGRY? If there is a God that placed mankind on this earth then He must be getting very angry and frustrated with His creation. [Note: if any reading this needs proof of the existence of God then contact us for written proof].

About six thousand years ago this planet earth was in total darkness with water encompassing the globe (Genesis 1:2). This destruction was the result of a great rebellion by its former ruler - - an arch angel whose name was Lucifer (the word "Lucifer" means "light bringer" or "morning star" - - see Isaiah 14:12). Read all of Isaiah 14:12-14 in conjunction with Ezekiel 28:11-18 (Note: the "King of Tyre" is symbolic of Lucifer), Luke 10:17-18 and Revelation 12:7-9. It should be noted that "Satan", "the dragon", "the devil" and Lucifer are names referring to the adversary - - or Satan the devil.

[NOTE: In another forum we will deal with the "prehistoric" life on this planet earth BEFORE humans were created by God. This planet earth has a fascinating history but an even greater future as described in Revelation, chapters 21 and 22.  More importantly, as we will see in this article, you and I are given the chance to be there when this earth becomes the very throne of the Almighty God.]

Let us at this point get to the question as to why God would be very angry with human beings. About six thousand years ago the Almighty God stepped out of the universe onto this earth that had suffered great destruction which not only flooded the entire planet but also clothed it in darkness (Genesis 1:2). It should be noted that the word "was" in that verse is a verb and SHOULD HAVE BEEN TRANSLATED "BECAME." God did not create this earth originally in the state described in Genesis 1:2. He created it to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18). Thus something happened to cause the earth to BECOME FORMLESS AND VOID OR UNINHABITABLE.

Genesis 1 and 2 merely show that the time had come for God to bring into effect His plan to EXPAND HIS OWN FAMILY. Verses 32-35 of chapter 1 show that God first created plant and animal life that would not only sustain the ecosystem but also sustain a SPECIAL CREATION he was about to bring into being. Here we find the very purpose for this planet earth as we know it today. "Then God said, ĎLET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE, IN OUR LIKENESS!í" (Genesis 1:26). Then, as verse 27 states clearly "SO GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, IN THE IMAGE OF GOD HE CREATED HIM."


Here then is the very essence for the reason this planet earth was RE-CREATED as described in Genesis 1 and 2. The Almighty Creator God created a PHYSICAL specimen but created this specimen such that he could DIE AND CEASE TO EXIST FOR ALL ETERNITY OR ultimately be CHANGED INTO SPIRIT AND ACTUALLY LIVE FOREVER AS A MEMBER OF THE VERY GOD FAMILY. THAT CLEARLY IS MANKINDíS POTENTIAL DESTINY!

As we find in 1 Corinthians 15:42-49 God ordained that we first be born in this human flesh WITH THE POTENTIAL OF BECOMING SPIRIT AT A LATER TIME. The rebellion of Satan the devil and his angelic host shows that not even God Himself can INSTANTANEOUSLY create HOLY RIGHTEOUS CHARACTER. [Note that God shows that when "Lucifer" was "created" he was a "model of perfection in beauty . . . in the day you were created" (see Ezekiel 28:12-17) But Lucifer allowed his character to become corrupt and then lead his angelic charges in a rebellion against God the Supreme Creator.]

Godís DIVINE plan was to create PHYSICAL beings that are in Godís image and likeness but with only a temporary existence at first. Human beings that would be subject to death and cessation of life UNLESS THOSE HUMANS LEARNED HOW TO DEVELOP AND ALWAYS DISPLAY THE VERY CHARACTER AND NATURE OF GOD. It is appointed to ALL MAN ONCE TO DIE THIS FIRST DEATH (Hebrews 9:27).

Yes, we human beings were born with the POTENTIAL of becoming SPIRIT BEINGS IN THE VERY FAMILY OF GOD. We were created so that we could be GRANTED THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME SONS OF GOD, HEIRS OF GOD AND JOINT HEIRS WITH JESUS CHRIST (see Romans 8:12-17). But pay careful attention to the last part of verse 17 which states emphatically "IF INDEED WE SHARE IN HIS SUFFERINGS IN ORDER THAT WE MAY ALSO SHARE IN HIS GLORY." The "sufferings" we must endure are the results of our going to God for the help we need to change our character and nature from HUMAN to the nature and character of God. This is a very painful process since such goes against our very nature - - nature that God placed there for this very purpose!

At one time or another in every human life God sets before each the choice of LIFE OR DEATH, BLESSINGS OR CURSINGS, GOOD OR EVIL (Deuteronomy 30:19). God clearly tells us to CHOOSE which way we will go.  He clearly set this choice before the first humans - - Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:16-17). This first couple was given everything they possibly could have wanted or desired. Only one thing was forbidden. Yet, due to the selfishness of human nature, this one thing became an obsession with Eve first and then Adam gullibly followed along.


When we read the entirely of the Bible we see that God had intended all along to give mankind the "knowledge of good and evil." We have already seen that man was created with the potential destiny of becoming a very spirit composed son of God in the very family of God. Thus, with such a high calling "former human beings" would of necessity have to have the knowledge of good and evil. But, mankind was not to be EXPOSED to this knowledge UNTIL HE WAS SPIRITUALLY ABLE TO HANDLE SUCH KNOWLEDGE. Remember that KNOWLEDGE IS OF NO REAL OR TANGIBLE VALUE UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU CAN PUT IT TO CONSTRUCTIVE USES! The good use of knowledge brings about good results. The bad use of knowledge reaps destruction and chaos. Mankind CHOSE the destructive use of knowledge!

In his warped state of mind Satan crept into the Garden of Eden thinking he could thwart Godís plan for human beings. He knew that part of the reason God was creating humans and training them for His family was so that the ultimate glorified human (once made immortal in the family of God) would be higher than the angels and will be used to judge angels (see Mark 12:25 and 1Corinthians 6:3). Thus he strove to thwart Godís plan at the very outset. Satan did not understand that part of Godís way of transforming humans into sons of God was to be through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ in the flesh - - the forgiveness of sin through Christ and His sacrifice. In other words God KNEW IN ADVANCE that humans would sin and need a Savior. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was in Godís plan from the very foundation of this earth (see 1 Peter 1:18-21).

So Adam and Eve made the wrong choices and set their descendants on the wrong path of wrong choices which have led us to where we are today. The first child born to Adam and Eve was named Cain. He allowed his own evil human nature to control him since he CHOSE to disregard Godís instructions and do things his own way. When called on the carpet for his disregard of Godís instructions Cain became angry and began to sulk and connive. He insisted on doing it his way and did not change his attitude or ways even after God had warned him (Genesis 4:7).  Obviously his wrong choices became an obsession with him. He convinced himself that God was the one who was wrong and unfair. But he could see no way he could strike out at God but his human nature showed him he could lash out at his younger brother. So that was the choice he made. And, lamentably, that is the choice humans have been making ever since Cain and Able. The human way is the way of GREED - - THE WAY OF GET NO MATTER WHAT IT DOES TO THE OTHER FELLOW.

But Godís way is the way of LOVE, SHARING, GIVING AND HELPING. But we humans must LEARN THAT WAY AS IT IS NOT NATURAL FOR US TO SHARE AND LOVE AND TO GIVE. That is why we must FIRST be in this flesh - - so that through trial and error we can learn to love, share and to give. So we can LEARN HOW TO MAKE THE VERY NATURE OF GOD A PART OF OUR VERY NATURE. THIS IS CALLED CONVERSION! We are to GROW in the very nature and character of God.  If we are willing to do this then the great Creator God will change our fleshly bodies into spirit so that we can become a part of His immortal family. If we are unwilling we will merely perish forever!

I could go through dozens of examples found in the Bible which clearly support this fact. God has ORDAINED [ACTUALLY PREDESTINED] that we individually and personally be GIVEN THE CHANCE to develop His character and enter His family. He has provided all the tools needed to make this transition from physical to spiritual. We cannot do this on our own. It is ONLY through the help of the Holy Spirit that this can be accomplished. No amount of "OBEDIENCE" will do it (see Ephesians 2:8-10). But clearly there are EXPECTATIONS from God. He will only give this unbelievable position to those who totally surrender to (Isaiah 66:2).  This is Godís EXPECTATION from you!

Abraham, once given this option of "CHOOSING," elected to follow God and His ways and became "THE FATHER OF THE FAITHFUL" even though he made human mistakes. The same situation happened to Job. He committed himself to God and Godís ways even though Job was to learn that he actually knew a lot less about God than he thought (see Job 40 through 42:6). The apostle Paul struggled with his human nature and stated clearly that the things he wanted to do (obeying Godís laws) he did not find within his flesh the way to do (see the whole seventh chapter of Romans). Yet, at the end of his life, Paul was able to say (despite all his human weaknesses) "The time for my departure (from this human life) is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race (his race), I have kept the faith" (11 Timothy 4:7). But note verse 8 which states: "Now there is in store for me the CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, which the Lord, the righteous judge will award to me ON THAT DAY (day of the resurrection - - see 1 Corinthians 15:46-58 and I Thessalonians 4:13-18) AND NOT ONLY TO ME, BUT ALSO TO ALL WHO HAVE LONGED FOR HIS APPEARING (THOSE WHO HAVE RESPONDED TO HIS CALLING - - SEE JOHN 6:44)." Those are most encouraging words!

Time and space do not allow me to go through the entire Bible and further illustrate these points. We can see clearly from he Bible that God has INVESTED VERY MUCH in this plan for human beings. We find an excellent summary of this plan in Acts 17. Paul was in Athens. The "philosophers" of the day spent their time (as many philosophers - - pseudo and otherwise - - do today) listening to and debating "the latest ideas" [perfect example of "talk shows" today] - - see verse 21. Paul also acknowledged that these men were "very religious." [Note that he did not say "SPIRITUAL"] - - vs. 22. The Athenians had even set up a plaque honoring "The Unknown God." Today we have people claiming that God cannot be known or is "unknown."] This chapter goes on to show that God created all humans as He did so as to "give all men life and breath and everything else." Then verse 27 states: "God did this so that man would SEEK HIM and "perhaps" REACH OUT FOR HIM and (hopefully) FIND HIM, though He is NOT FAR FROM EACH ONE OF US. For in him we live and move and have our being."  Then as verse 30 states, GOD COMMANDS ALL MEN TO REPENT of their human ways because He has set a day when He will judge everyone with true justice by the one who became Jesus Christ. WE REPENT OR WE PERISH!


But mankind refuses to turn to or seek God. Man is bent on destructive ways that threaten this planet earth with extinction. Remember that it was MAN who turned his back on God and Godís ways. It was man who rebelled against God and CHOSE THE WAYS THAT LEAD TO DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Remember that ancient Israel REJECTED GOD as their king (1 Samuel 8:4-8). Throughout history God has sent His servants to warn wayward humans to repent and change their ways. But mankind has always rejected the messages and the messengers sent from God. So the TIME OF RECKONING is at hand. God has stated clearly that at the time of the end when mankind is about to destroy all life from this earth He will intervene and stop this destruction. God will send plagues, drought, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, diseases, etc. and all that will accompany the germ, chemical, biological and nuclear warfare humans inflict on each other. It will only be when humans reach the point of total DESPERATION that they will see there is no hope for the human race, or this planet earth, then man will finally begin to realize he must CHANGE HIS WAYS.

Truly God is very angry with human ways. But, as with any GOOD AND LOVING PARENT, God is looking to the final results. He disciplines in love - - not anger! Once mankind has been soundly spanked by a loving Creator and chooses to surrender to God then God will stop the punishment and welcome mankind to Himself. Every human will eventually SEE GOD AS DID JOB! God will show mercy and forgive and then every human being who has ever lived on this earth will be resurrected and given the chance to prove himself to God. (see Revelation 20:4-6). We humans will have six thousand years of abject human history to review and from which to learn. Those who are willing to learn from the lessons of history WRITTEN IN HUMAN BLOOD will respond to God and His teachings and will begin to grow in the nature and character of God so that they too can enter that family of God. When this is finally fulfilled we find that any person whose name has not been written in the BOOK OF LIFE will be destroyed in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:15). Those will perish for all eternity WHILE THE OTHERS WILL LIVE FOR ALL ETERNITY!  These are two dire OPPOSITES!


Throughout history there have been a few individuals who fit a unique category.   These FEW are described in John 6:44 (as well as other scriptures). The eleventh chapter of Hebrews names many of these individuals. Others are listed throughout the Bible. Many of these have lived and died over the past two thousand years.  If you happen to be one of these FEW then you are blessed beyond your fondest imagination. You are among the FIRST FRUITS for the Kingdom of God - - a SPECIAL CALLING! If you are one of these FEW and yet you are not appreciative of this calling as you should be then God is going to be very RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT with you.

How do you view this calling God has given to you? Is it more precious than your human life and its selfish pursuits? What are the real and tangible FRUITS OF YOUR LIFE? If you were to be called before Jesus Christ for judgment today, HOW WOULD YOU STACK UP? To him that knows to do good and he does not do it, SUCH IS TRULY A SIN THAT GOD WILL NOT FORGIVE (James 4:17 and Hebrews 6:4). Though the coming time of trouble that will engulf the entire earth will be terrible beyond description, God has promised that those days will be shortened FOR THE ELECTíS SAKE (Matthew 24:22) and that those who are truly loyal to God will be KEPT FROM THIS HOUR OF TRIAL THAT WILL COME ON THE ENTIRE EARTH TO TEST THOSE HUMANS WHO LIVE AT THAT TIME (Revelation 3:10). Is your life right with your Maker?


You, at this very moment, are at the crossroads of your own life. If you have read this article to this point then you have received this warning message from God.  God is not playing games. The times in which we live are very serious. Terrorists attacks are about to break out all over this earth. Millions of people will die in these conflicts - - mainly religious conflicts between "Christians", Jews and Muslims. The only escape from these conflicts and the other catastrophic events that God Himself foretells is GOD HIMSELF.

If you are understanding these words then God could well be offering you the chance to obtain what God offers humans. My job is to alert you to these facts.  I have NO FURTHER OBLIGATION TOWARD YOU UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU SEEK FURTHER INFORMATION FROM ME. At this very moment my job and my responsibility toward you is finished. Since these things are SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED and revealed through the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 2:14 and John 14:15 and 16:13) then there is no way I can convince you of anything and I will never try to so influence you. Each one of us stands alone before God. Each one of us will be judged INDIVIDUALLY for our own personal actions. None of us answer for another. BUT WE DO ANSWER TO GOD and God will call each one of us to an accounting! That is the bottom line. Time is running out for any of us to repent of our personal ways and turn to God. There is coming a time when troubles will be so great that humans will seek death but will not be allowed to die until they have learned their lessons and repented before their Maker (Revelation 9:6).

My purpose is NOT to try and frighten any of you into anything. God has merely given me an ANNOUNCEMENT to make to all of you. What you do with this announcement (THIS WARNING MESSAGE) IS STRICTLY BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOD. As of this very moment I am now out of your picture. You may use whatever excuse you choose to reject this message. Such will not affect my salvation or my relationship with God in the slightest. In fact, God shows me throughout the Bible that the overwhelming majority of people will definitely reject this message. But God still wants it given.

If you are listening to the news and keeping up with world events then you cannot help but be concerned about your own personal future and the future of this planet. If you disregard this message then you cannot claim you were not warned when these things crash around you. May God help you heed for your own sake!


In the event some of you reading this are being called and chosen by God (John 6:44) and you want further information about your destiny then you should feel free to contact us further. We represent the Almighty Creator God. That may sound like a BOLD STATEMENT but it is still a fact. I do not get out on the street corner and proclaim this. I do this only to those who make contact with me. Remember, it is your personal responsibility to WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING (Philippians 2:12) It is also your personal responsibility to PROVE ALL THINGS AND HOLD FAST TO THOSE WHICH ARE RIGHT (1 Thessalonians 5:21). And it is your responsibility to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES DAILY WHETHER THESE THINGS ARE SO (Acts 17:11).

YOU NEED TO KEEP IN MIND THAT you contacted us - - WE DID NOT INITIATE THE CONTACT. You obviously are seeking to learn more about God. That is definitely a plus for you. But make certain you stay after your quest. You are a living breathing human being. But you are going to die. What happens to you when death comes is your personal responsibility. I cannot save you and will not even try. ONLY GOD CAN AND WILL SAVE YOU ONCE YOU FULFILL HIS STIPULATIONS. All I can do (and all that God allows me to do) is point you toward God and His ways. You have to be the one who THIRSTS after God and His ways.

I personally have seen a very great LETHARGY come over Godís people in the last fifty years. Many have become disillusioned with events that have occurred in their lives and in the church we all learned to love. [NOTE: God has used me to help many who fall into this category and who have been willing to seek this help. I can force help on no one - - you must ask for this help. It is available.]

My wife and I are basically financing this ministry out of our own meager retirement funds (only a very few have voluntarily made contributions) and at ages 69 and 70 we both work outside to help support this work. May I ask what you are doing to advance Godís salvation to others (Matthew 6:21)? I do not say this to imply we are seeking anything from you. We are not trying to gain a FOLLOWING AFTER OURSELVES or GET financial support.. We teach you to FOLLOW GOD! [However, if anyone should CHOOSE to assist in this ministry then they should know we are recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.] May God grant you the understanding to see where you stand before the Almighty and to seek God while He is near and can be found! Your future - - YOUR ETERNITY - - is at stake!


Though God is angry with human sins He will be very merciful and forgiving ONCE MANKIND COMES TO ITS SENSES AND REPENTS. THAT WILL BE A GLORIOUS DAY! MAY IT COME SOON! How are you preparing for the kingdom? I trust you are doing what you know you should be doing!  ARE YOU?


"These were more noble . . . ., in that they received the word

with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures

daily, whether those things were so."    Acts 17:11      KJV