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By:  Bill Glover

The reader is bound to ask about the purpose of this web page. We are totally different from any other web page you will read. Though our message has a religious theme, we are not a religious organization. We do no proselytizing. We never try and tell you what to believe or not to believe. We never try to coerce you into "following us!" In fact we stress that you should NOT follow any man or any religious organization. We challenge you to use your own mind and PROVE all your beliefs - - whether religious, political or otherwise.

We know, however, that most of you reading this web page will not ALLOW yourself to even try and prove the veracity of your beliefs and practices. I would like to quote Leonardo Da Vinci to help illustrate this point. He said: "Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! wretched mortals, OPEN YOUR EYES!" He also said: "Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitudes." [These are Da Vinciís words - - not mine.] We individually must decide whether we fit this description.

I personally have had over fifty years experience teaching from the Bible. However, the main difference in my method of teaching and what you normally find in "churches" is totally diverse. When asked a question I merely advise you where you can find the topic discussed in the Bible. I do not read the Bible for you nor do we try and tell you what it says. No scripture needs anyoneís private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20). The Bible says what it means and means what it says!

Let me illustrate the point by relating an event that occurred some 45 years ago. I cite this event for the sake of those of you who will have trouble with what you read in this web page. The event is as follows:

On November 2, l961 an intelligent business person [by the name of Art Hockwald] came on the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena, California U.S.A. where I worked at the time. He came as a result of messages he had heard over The World Tomorrow program which was being televised and heard around the earth. He had a lot of nervous tension due to stress from his business so we walked the campus as we talked. This conversation lasted for three full hours. During that time frame in l961 the Arabs were encompassing Jerusalem so this man being familiar with the Bible asked me "When are you people going to flee to the mountains?" I asked what he meant by that question. He said "Christ stated that "when you see Jerusalem encompassed with armies you are to flee to the mountains!" I replied "My, I must have misread that passage in the Bible all these years - - I thought it said "THOSE WHO LIVE IN JUDEA SHOULD FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS!" I then took out the miniature Bible I carried in my coat pocket and turned to Luke 21:20 Ė 21 and HAD HIM READ IT TO ME! I then said "I thought we are living in Southern California and not Judea!" He then read that passage several times and then glanced up into the sky and moaned "All that survival food!"

I asked him what he meant and he related to me that several of his friends had decided to rent mountain cabins and store survival food for what they thought was to be a coming time of trouble when food would be non-existent. He and his family had rented this remote cabin in Olancha, California (on highway 395) stashed survival food, garden seeds, guns and ammunition to get ready for this "coming" calamity. Suddenly he realized he had been READING INTO THE BIBLE WHAT JUST WAS NOT THERE!. He was most sincere and conscientious about his beliefs. But he clearly saw that he was wrong in his assessment of this point.

After a few more questions and comments he departed. However, he telephoned back in a few hours asking if my wife and I ever go into homes and have dinner with people. I jokingly answered "Only when we are invited!" He then invited us to his home for a 6:00 p.m. dinner for the following Tuesday night, November 7, l961. Then a day later he telephoned again asking if I would mind if a "couple of friends" were also invited - - to which I stated there would be no objection.

My wife and I arrived a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. and were ushered into the dining room where we found another man and woman plus Artís wife [Virginia] present We were all introduced and then were seated for dinner. We barely began to eat and the door bell rang and Art responded and brought another couple in and introduced them but then took them to the den as they had not been invited to dinner. He barely got seated again when the door bell rang again. Once more he brought another couple in and introduced them and took them to the den. This scenario was repeated until all ten who were invited were present.

We ate dinner quite quickly because of the other guests in the den where we soon joined them. Art stood before the twelve of us (counting Art) and stated: "Well, we all know why we are here!" [In my mind I vividly recall saying, to myself: "No, I donít know why I am here!"]

Art reminded the guests that they were all members of the John Birch Society, and the Minute Men group and were all Bible students [it seems they regularly had Bible studies]. Art then said: "We all know what we believe but Bill here came along and threw a monkey wrench into the works - - you tell them, Bill!"

Though quite a few thoughts flooded my mind in a split second, my response was: "Wait just a minute. We were invited to dinner and then we were asked if we would mind if a "couple of extra people came to which I replied in the negative." I looked around the room and smiled broadly and said "A COUPLE OF EXTRA PEOPLE?"

I must explain that every person in the room was a professional and each was a sincere and conscientious person. The man to my left was Jay Vance [a political cartoonist] and the man across from me was Captain Phil Smith [a pilot for American Airlines]. Then there was Ann Siperley [a top notch legal secretary]. Then there was Jim Hickok [an engineer with what used to be Richfield Petroleum] and Jane Hickok [his wife] and Virginia Hockwald [Artís wife]. Then there was a lady [whose name slips me for the moment] who was in charge of the entire classified section of the Los Angeles Times newspaper. The final two whose names I recall at this point were Mr. and Mrs. McLain [Helen McLain was a Christian Scientist practitioner and had been for 25 years] I regret that the names of the others have slipped my mind at this point.

I did not take a head count but it seemed that everyone present smoked except my wife and me. We found it difficult to even breathe let alone talk. Literally the smoke was so thick you could barely see across the room.

When Art said "You tell them, Bill!" I looked around the room and replied: "I am not here to TELL YOU anything! We do not go around telling people what to believe or not believe. Even though we did not come here to TELL YOU anything, we are willing to try and answer any questions you might have. But keep in mind we are not here to tell you what to believe!"

With that they began asking questions. Let me say that my wife and I were there for eleven and one half hours [from 6:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m.]. It was not long before we were into very HEAVY Biblical topics. Keep in mind that all evening I personally did not answer a single question they posed. When they asked their questions I would state "Would all of you turn to [giving a specific Bible test] and then I would ask one of them to read that passage. After that person read that passage I would ask that same person to tell us all what he or she had just read. Then I would ask all the rest if that person had correctly read the passage and had correctly told us what is actually said without any interpretation from anyone - - especially me! Only after everyone in the room was satisfied that THEY had read the correct answer to that question from the Bible would we go to the next question. Not a single person present could then or now claim that I taught them something not found in the Bible. I merely helped them find the answers to their own questions through their own studies. But each was willing to challenge their former beliefs - - which is rare!

As I said, before long we had gotten into very serious Bible topics. I then and there halted our discussions by stating: "We are getting into some very serious Bible topics. Until tonight none of you have been held accountable for these spiritual issues. But you are now being exposed to these issues and from this time on you will be held accountable. Though you do not at the moment realize it, I represent the Almighty Creator God. If we proceed then, from this night on, you will be held accountable for what you learn here. Since I know God and what He will require of you I would rather that we discontinue the Bible study and enjoy the coffee, tea and other soft drinks served along with the cookies and have a pleasant conversation on other topics. This does not mean I am unwilling to continue with the Bible study but I feel the choice must be left to you. You tell me what you want as I make myself available for whatever you desire. I made it clear that I would not be offended if any chose to leave. With that Art and I took a toll and asked each person present what he or she wanted. They all chose to stay and to continue with the Bible study.

Helen McLain [the Christian Scientist practitioner] had already introduced questions about the weekly Sabbath. I had purposefully put her off knowing that such would be controversial. After she had voted to go on with the Bible study I then turned to her and said "Okay, Mrs. McLain, I will now take your questions about the Sabbath. However, there must be some ground rules that must be followed. I am not here to argue over any topic. I will gladly address any question posed. However, I must insist that you hold your questions until we finish this study on the Sabbath. Then we will address those questions. I will always pause long enough for you to jot down your questions so you will not forget them."

I then looked at everyone in the room personally and asked them if those were fair stipulations to which all agreed - - including Mrs. McLain. With that I began to give one scripture at a time that deals with the Sabbath and had a different person read each scripture and tell us what he or she had just read. Occasionally Mrs. McLainís hand would go up and I would stop any discussion until she had jotted down her question. However, as she raised her hand at each point in the discussion I knew what her question must be so the very next Bible verse I had someone read would dealt with her specific question so that all present answered her questions for her FROM THE BIBLE! They found the answers without any instruction from me.

Once we had gone through the Bible and those verses expounding the Sabbath I then looked at each person individually and asked "Do you have any question as to which day is the God given

Seventh day Sabbath to which each answered No!" When I got to Mrs. McLain I also asked her this same question to which she replied "No, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO KEEP IT!" I answered "I already knew that!" [Should any of you want further information on the weekly Sabbath, please request our printed material on the subject.]

The point of all this is quite simple. Those present learned exactly what the Bible says [not my views] on these many and varied subjects including the Sabbath. They voluntarily exposed themselves to these truths of God. I merely did my God ordained job by giving an account of the hope I have in God (1 Peter 3:15 Ė 16).

Jim and Jane Hickok, who were present, present lived next door. All through the evening Jane kept asking questions about healing [Jim had excused himself about 1:00 a.m. because he had a very important business meeting early the next morning and needed the rest]. Finally about 5:00 a.m. Jane brought the subject up again and said "Possibly you have wondered why I have left for a few minutes several times through this evening and why I keep asking questions about healing." She then explained that she and her husband lived next door and that their son was gravely ill. She began to stammer groping for words so I helped her out. We had already read and discussed James 5:14 Ė 15. I asked "Are you trying to find the words to ask for an anointing" to which she replied yes! Doctors had not been able to determine the nature and cause of their sonís illness. I stated, "All you need do is ask if I would come over and anoint him!" [which she then did].Jane and I excused ourselves and went next door. This son was burning hot with fever. It was about 5:20 in the a.m. when I anointed him. Since it was time for my wife and me to go home I advised Jane that all was going to be fine with her son and she should remain at home and I would return to the Hockwaldís and my wife and I would see her later.

I learned later that Jane joined her husband in bed but within minutes (before 6:00 a.m.) her son was shaking her shoulder and saying "Wake up Mom - - whatís for breakfast?" He was completely healed! [NOTE: We normally do not "broadcast" the healings God grants to His people as Christ commanded. But, we felt the need to let you know that God has not changed and that He heals His people today.]

Two weeks later on Thanksgiving I received a telephone call from Art telling me he had just arrived home and he, his wife and their four children were all sick with the flu and asking that I come out for anointings. When I arrived at their home I found Virginia so ill she almost fainted.

Art informed me that this was Thanksgiving eve and they had planned a large Thanksgiving dinner with family member guests EN ROUTE [this was before the cell phones] with no way to communicate with them.

All six were anointed and instructed to go to bed and get a good nightís sleep and that all would be fine with them. I learned later that they all awakened the next morning totally well and that Virginia was able to cook her Thanksgiving dinner as scheduled.

[NOTE: I recite the two occasions of healing for those who recognize God as our healer. I like to point out to people that GOD HAS NOT CHANGED - - WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR OTHERS HE WILL DO FOR US TODAY. But I recognize that NOT ALL believe in healing nor can they have that faith in God. But God is available to all those who seek Him as recorded in Isaiah 66:2. My job from that Almighty Creator Healing God is to make this information available to you. What you do with this information is entirely between you and God. My job is to make you aware that Godís blessings can be available to you - - see Psalm 103:2].

I might mention that eight of those present for the eleven and one half hour Bible study were converted and baptized. The others walked away from this knowledge. One of those who walked away [Phil Smith, the airline pilot] was hijacked to Cuba. Though Castro sent him and his plane back to the United States.

I would also like to mention that a deep spiritual relationship developed between Art and me. In my entire lifetime I have seldom experienced such a bond with another person. I might also mention that about two years ago the oldest son of Art and Virginia Hockwald learned about my ministry and emailed me asking if I remember coming to their home and anointing them with oil. He said that he and his siblings thought it "weird" that I used anointing oil on them. The only reason I do this is because that is what God commands (James 5:14 Ė 15). I do this because this is Godís instructions which I believe we should follow - - and it does work!

The thought that being anointed with oil appeared "weird" to others reminds me of another interesting experience. I was called on for an anointing when a young mother was giving birth to her first child. This was a home delivery. When I arrived the mother was on the delivery table and one of the babyís legs was out of her body up past the knee. The other leg was doubled up into her body. This condition had existed for three hours and the babyís exposed leg was swollen about four times its normal size and was black and blue due to blood circulation being cut off. This was a home delivery with both a doctor and a nurse present. As I knelt by this delivery table it dawned on me that present there was a doctor and a nurse skilled in the medical profession who would think it very strange that I was going to anoint this motherís forehead with olive oil when she was having birth complications [like Artís son thinking it weird that I was using oil on their foreheads].

As I knelt before this delivery table I noted that the doctor and the nurse were standing there with their arms across their chests with a skeptical look on their faces. So I addressed the circumstances that existed. I stated to God in the prayer that "Present here are a doctor and a nurse schooled in the medical profession who are going to think it strange that I am anointing her on the forehead with oil when she has a baby lodged in her birth canal. Regardless of how strange it seems to people who do not know you, Father, the only reason I am doing it is because that is what you command."

The prayer was rather short. When it came time for the actual anointing I opened my eyes to pick up my small bottle of oil and noted that the doctor and the nurse were lying face down on the floor. Since I was so intent with the prayer itself I did not know when they fell on their faces. It was evident they both realized we were at that moment before the very throne of the God of the universe.

Finishing the anointing I turned to the father and said, "Everything is going to be fine. I will go out and wait in my car - - come out and tell me when the birth occurs." Within fifteen minutes the father came out and announced "We just had a healthy baby girl - - as you were walking out the door her leg suddenly went back up into her motherís body and then here came the full baby." Not only will the parents [Robert and Arlene (Bunnell) Petry be able to verify this account but there are many others from the Pasadena church area who can attest to this event.

I feel the need to point out a very important point. I have absolutely no affiliation with the Pentecostal FAKE HEALING groups such as Benny Henn and many other fake healers. I point this out because, through the apostle Paul, God makes it clear that there are many FALSE MINISTERS MASQUERADING AS MINISTERS OF GOD (2 Corinthians 11:13 Ė 15).

The only reason I mention these healings is for the sake of those reading this who actually believe in the Almighty God of the Bible - - who is UNKNOWN by most humans on earth.

My purpose is to give hope to those who find themselves needing intervention from that Mighty God. For those who choose to scoff I say "Let them scoff!" Part of my job from God is to make the many blessings He holds out to us known to all who are WILLING AND ABLE to take heed (see Psalm 103:2 Ė 14 and verses 17 Ė 18 which read "But from everlasting to everlasting the Lordís love is with those who FEAR (respect) Him. . . with those who KEEP His covenant and remember to OBEY His precepts." These are the ones to whom this web page is devoted and dedicated!

Thus, the purpose for this web page is to BE A WITNESS ONLY to all mankind where this worldwide web goes. Once each of you read this witness message then I will have fulfilled my responsibility before God where you are concerned. You will find that I will never ask you for financial support. Neither will I try and tell you what to believe or not to believe and neither will I try and "police you" as so many religious organizations do. I fully understand that none of you can understand what I am saying UNLESS AND UNTIL GOD THE FATHER CALLS YOU AND GRANTS TO YOU THAT UNDERSTANDDING (see John 6:44). But for those to whom God the Father has granted understanding, I am here to serve you in whatever way I can. If you have a sincere desire to know more about the UNKNOWN God of the Bible then contact us.

God has raised me up to show that He chooses and uses common every day people who are not sophisticated in the ways of this world. He chooses those who are lowly and even looked down on by the erudite so that no human used by God can claim any credit for anything that is done in Godís service (see 1 Corinthians 1:26 Ė 31). I fully recognize that I am the least likely candidate for this job. But I did not do the choosing. If any of you take offense about this ministry then you should take it up with God Himself.

Let me repeat again that the main thrust of this web page is for those scattered all over this earth WHO RECOGNIZE THE WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST AND WHO WILL RESPOND. Jesus said that His true people would recognize His words. The scriptures quoted in this web page are from God - - I am merely the scribe who also tells you these words mean what they say and say what they mean.

World events today present a fearful scenario of what this earth IS ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE on the world scene in the immediate future. There are many prognosticators spinning all kinds weird tales trying to scare people into their religious organizations. If we truly look at the trends in the world today we should be ALARMED AND CONCERNED. However, I am not going to try and scare you into anything. Each of you have a mind of your own. You can pretend things are not really that bad if you choose. Evil people do make extremely evil choices and there are automatic consequences that can be very costly in human blood. This is the world we face today.

It is one thing for a person to CLAIM that he/she is a "Christian" but something entirely different to live a truly Christian life AS OUTLINED IN THE BIBLE. The people mentioned in the beginning of this article truly thought they were "Christians" but when they studied the Bible FOR WHAT IT ACTUALLY SAYS they learned just how short they really were.

My hope is that each of you can back away from your preconceived ideas about God and begin to learn about that UNKNOWN God of the Bible. You will soon learn that time is running out for people to REPENT and turn to the Almighty God. I cannot overemphasize the fact that all of you reading this are on your own before the great God of the universe.

Unless you contact me and ask for further information, my responsibility is now totally fulfilled where you are concerned. May God have mercy on each of you if you do not take the challenge and check these things out!


"These were more noble . . . ., in that they received the word with all readiness of mind,

and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."    Acts 17:11      KJV